Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Twitter Review

Tashi Delek!
It has been almost a year since the day I (officially) joined twitter so I thought why not do some review on it. Ting! Trust me that this time, it isn't disappointing at all. To began with, I forgot who and what made me join in there. I "think" I came to know about it from a film star on FACEBOOK who endorsed his or her tweet on their wall. In anyway, the real explosion happened after one RT of actress GulPanag and I end up following random comedians, college kids, super young teenagers, super old uncles and aunties, world news anchors, including my friends and family members that I introduced it to. As time passed, one twitter handle really inspired me. Without any doubt, I had discovered the "awesomeness" of his handle after one tweet exchange but some things are mean to remain silent so no disclosure of his handle. Apart from that, I had also discovered other excellent handles who naturally delivers and pulled off the epic characters from classic bollywood films and they had & still is successfully entertaining us. :-) Superb na? 
Most of these humorist handles are: @GabbbharSingh @Gkhamba @Sambha_Bhailan @doctoratlarge @mrmrrajneshkapoor @therealmadrasain @comicproject @DeepakChopra @6a6ar @rajdeepsardesai
@rodinhood @oldmonkbaba @eccentricandhow @rameshsrivats. These are extremely intelligent ,
witty, honest, & funny tweeples that's worth your time to follow. And oh ya! None of these folks are journalist, Sardesai has exception though, since he is above & beyond any of reporters/ journalist, and he's more sweet & charming breaking news enthusiast who puts smile on everyone before he hits the bed. Shout out to all of you!