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Monday, November 5, 2012


Yes! He has finally arrived! Of course after many failed attempts of my family members who tried hard to fix me up with their choice of my so called "aspiring groom." The prince charm did not came on white horse or neither did he rescued me from danger but he sure did came with an package of equally well balanced and satisfying background. Not only the reality of both our family members having a line of unbroken lineage of apsaras and devas but he actually fell in love with me the day he prank called me and I happened to almost put him to jail without knowing this was all set up by our family members. Although, all the formality and rituals of tea session over at my mommy dear's was over but I still have yet to feel that "I can't live without you" fever on him. Perhaps only time will grant me that one inch of joy and so far (personally) he is definitely not bad at all till then I guess I just have to settle with being highly pampered and loved by the man of my very own blue blood<3

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


The untold secrets of our very own American Dream has finally exposed to the world by none other then our very own mama Jones! :p Our (American politics) have always been taken very seriously, specially by the senior citizen, although it doesn't directly impact or change who we are yet in somewhere its something we can't ignore and its something that (traditionally) can never be discussed even between the ideal spouses that votes for their favorite candidate. I know this clear cut; perhaps the advantage came from sharing a strong family bond with a family of (none color) that has generations of members who served in military, healthcare, and airline. And of course conservative and super rich at the same time as well. But does that make them Anti-American Dream? NOP! And do I and they vote just by looking at the candidates race, color, or gender? NOP! Till now, have opposition ever dared to break the system of American dream? Who knows but today that household wife said enough is enough and finally decided to open up what makes America strong and unique. Mother Jones had spilled the beans that's too bitter to handle. But I was aware of it,,,,,,,,,,,,,, If we can't reverse the time and be the prince and princess anymore; neither should the entire world turn backwards. This 47% of Mitt Romey's leaked video is a tragedy. His idea of 47% people who are not qualified to pay tax as a "loser, lazy, and unworthy" that doesn't interest his role of leadership is pity and childish. It not only lacked a basic intellectual but also a sense of understanding and caring towards his nation. Nation that holds a strong constitution and every inch of its laws are equally weighted to every citizen. Unless the IRS are just fooling themselves in the service. In times like this only if India's late Prime Minister Indra Gandhi should have founded a school only for aspiring politicians where they teach an art of politics. What she understood 6 decades back doesn't seem to be making sense to our aspiring president in candidate Mr. Romey although our nation was entirely ruled and build in that sense of governance for many centuries. The system of free speech and liberty thats absent in rest of the world. I guess some people only know how its like to be living in a world's most powerful nation but they have badly failed to understand the pillar of its strength. Although those 47% are not qualified to pay tax but I'm sure we can't live without them as well. From a retired officers to teachers without them today we wouldn't be where we are right now. Then, why degrade them? Their presence doesn't make any difference in our life just because they don't pay tax? Do we stop loving our elderly parents just because they stopped earning? Do we stop loving ourselves and others just because we aren't rich enough? Then why isolate such a subject? We vote for our favorite president depending on the issues and ideas that are close to our heart. Be it to bring justice to same sex marriages, to promote education, healthcare, or to reduce our income tax. Bottom line, in every task it requires our 100% effort to gain that victory. Nobody should cut 47% out of it no matter which shades or shape. After that unfortunate leaked video; it must be heartbreaking for former poor and conservative republicans to have such an unkind and insensitive candidate. But oh well, life goes on and there still is time. Perhaps this transparency of our presidential election 2012 could save many innocent voters from falling in drain. On that note, thank you to mother Jones for breaking her silent because I too have a mother who I deeply care about as much as any other children does and I'm sure none us would want to see the day when our government will refuse to care about the elderly citizen. As day pass, every trick of clock will bring us closer to that zone of 47% at some point in life so be alert! Peace out!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dear The Onion,,,,,,

Dear The Onion,,,,,,,,
~reunion of almighty~
Welcome to our world!!!!!! Better late than never. 

Thanks for following the foot steps from the BEST of BEST although you lack an art of aesthetic but good move!

Okay? #ThanksBye!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

~Jewel Thief~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~if only we could be child forever~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
While growing up in boarding school in northern India I was very fortunate enough to get enrolled in Tibetan School that is now powered by His Holiness the Dalai Lama's government in exile. Being a second generation in exile, preserving our culture and linguistic was perhaps first priority of most Tibetan parents. Every parents would dream or die to put their children in any of Tibetan schools in India but sadly all the seats were reserved just for the Tibetans from Tibet who escape their mother land just to nestle under His Holiness the Dalai Lama with great devotion although they have not once met or seen him till they will successfully reach India. So, I was more than lucky to get admitted there. All thanks to my uncle who once served in government in exile. Not just that, I was also very lucky to have my dorm/hostel right next to my school as well. I know that many people had to travel miles and miles to reach school every day since their dorm was all the way up in the hills of Mussoorie library. Also, the warden of my hostel too was a well known folks of my family members, so they were always nice to me. We address them as Pala and Amala who's married to each other with four children. While growing up I used to adore Pala since he's got killer sense of humor and extremely well educated. He's excellent in Hindi, english, and tibetan literature. So prior to my exam he had always been our best last minute rescue. In my entire life in boarding school, Pala had never once scold us or had ever seen him angry. I had always seen him living life to the fullest. Although I had seen him getting drunk countless times but he would never lose himself in front of us. And he always had great stories to share about his college days, having an indian girlfriends, etc, etc. lol He used to be perfect entertainer to us girls. Every single time he has something funny to say; he can never be serious. All his speeches were delivered in a great sense of humor and we used to cover our mouth and giggle behind him 24/7. He even nick named every single girls in hostel. Whenever I go home for vacation, I share countless jokes about our pala to my family members since they know each other so well. My folks would just listen and would never reciprocate anything post my stories. But one fine day it all changed as I was growing up in USA. As I was reminiscing tales of our pala and amala to my mom with great admiration even after all these years in US and one day she shocked me with her reciprocate. I came to know about our pala and amala's roots and my mother had told me there's nothing special and likable about about such a people. I learned that in our society people look down on their family since the elder brother of our pala had killed and robbed people in past, on their way to exile in early 1950s. Pala's elder brother too was married to his wife as well. And I learned that his elder brother had smuggled many antique status from the temples in Tibet and sold it in Nepal. With such a reputation and virtue, right there and than, everything changed. All my respect and admiration to our Pala went in drain. Right now both Pala and Amala had been retired and living in a humble government home in Dehradun and have not seen their children for more then a decade. His eldest son is always drunk in New York and the last time when I visited them in India, Amala was in such a bad condition that none of her children seem to have time for her to even make decent denture. It was so sad to see her with edentulous mouth and couldn't even walk properly in an age where some people still manage to work and play golf. After seeing all these, I felt cheated in my childhood. I don't know if my mother should have ever spoke truth to me or if it was best to keep me in blindfolded forever and remain naive to the reality behind my temporary pleasure. I really don't know what could have been best besides my own judgement behind the truth. After all, who would still admire thief and criminals who had easily gotten away in their life???????????? Although, with KILLER sense of humor!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

An Internet Accident With FastAndFurious Ignorants

Picture: World most beautiful and oldest prostitute of Vishali; Amrapali offering mangos to Lord Buddha while delegating him an invitation to her resident for a Dharma teaching and became the first ever nun in history of Buddha Dharma<3

It has been more than a decade since the first time I watched this film called "THE FASSSSST&FURIOUS." I think I was around 14 years old and loved it. The movie endorsees a young, vibrant, and reckless youths who knows nothing about the outside world besides car racing with their school and gang mates. During those years, car race on highway was very common with my Tibetan friends, that too with extremely expensive hot wheels like Escalades, Infinite, Lincoln, BMWs, and etc as well. I even managed to watch all the other parts of this film as well. And just last week I discovered that Vin Diesel is going to release its franchise back again. The man that almost every single girl my age went mad crazy over him while growing up; so why not come up with a new avatar and make millions and millions out of it again and again. Since we live in an age where everything sales. From naked models to poor writers; everything is sold out. And by now this should be clear cut and NO! They don't do it the old fashion ways by (exchanging bag full of cashes) anymore; must say that's rather too innocent to picture. Seriously, nobody does things that way anymore. I mean people have become extremely smart, confident, mature, and professional that they can hundred percent guarantee "AESTHETIC" in any nasty jobs. Even better and sexier than what the silicon valley promises and the reward too comes in holiday  packages along with the monthly salary. And if the "catch" comes with some sense of humor even better to get away from all the guilt trip as well. I must say this practice is pretty healthy and should be something that mentally needs to be legalize; the sooner the better. Just as how legalizing prostitution in the nation can eliminate the risk of innocence in danger. The only difference is something that's "NOT VISIBLE" which lies in our taste and blood that we prefer and tend to like it. I mean I love all these franchise films like Fast And Furious, 007, Mission Impossible, Bourn Legacy, Twilight, Harry Potter, Star War, etc and they make humongous money out of it as well. But of course we can't compare this level of interest with wanting to sleep with an "prostitute or be the victim and suck banana professionally and passionately in the world of Sunny Leone institute or any other news room/ agents" although they all leads to money making business. I guess to each has their own right and freedom of expression. I mean what would a bagger know about a life of a Goutama Buddha??????? NOTHING/COMPLETE CLUELESS! Or else, he won't be bagger at first place, no? So, some things happened for a reason and it will take many lifetime for them to understand or even realize its essence of truth. To a thief, it will be a fool to trust even a single person in this world. So the best is let them be in their own lowly and lonely position; be it a sold out product or the curiosity in mars. Every one has right to the freedom of expression! We can't change our taste or auto-visible our state of awareness and knowledge to the less fortunate just like that because that too has a price tag on it. And if you're too poor to buy a meal for your spiritual teacher/guru than sorry that's not my problem! All I can say is you should think long and hard before you attend one of those expensive Metallica concert or while buying a single ticket of Fast And Furious because ignorant is a mother of an asshole and baggers. So choice is yours~ and choose your path wisely~


Monday, August 20, 2012


Hello Readers,
I don't know who you guys are since you guys never left any comments but I do at least know your location. Any way, today I'm here to talk about an art of dating. The things that I usually, in fact many times talk with my sister and cousin sisters, and laugh out laugh because we all get along so well. But today I have decided to write it in my blog and spill the beans (secrets) because I have observed many young girls are interest in this much needed social life. And most of time they seem to be very disappointed with the bitter facts that they learn of the other person (him/her) and I don't blame them. Personally, I have gone on traditional-date with only two different men in my life. Of these two, one happened to be the love of my life from whom I had mastered not just the rules and law of dating game but also an ABC of life. AND THANK GOD! I WENT ON DATE WITH HIM!!!! The second one, I met last year and was perhaps the best self learned experience. But the question lies in is dating important? If so, then does it matter who pays the bill? If so, then what are some of the pros and cons? Yes, it is important to date but nobody should ever get intimidate and let their life control by this badly over and underestimated term "dating" because at the end one should always keep in mind that the core purpose of date is just to have blast with an opposite sex.  And that joy (blast) could be anything; depending on your purpose "why Am I here"? When I was in High School many guys asked me out but I have always rejected them because all my guy friends were back in India and I have always doubt the intension/purpose of these boys who wants to take me out for date so I have decided to play it safe and rejected nicely. But in college things change, one must be abnormal not to have any interest in an opposite sex, specially in their prime time. This is physically and mentally acceptable! After my countless date with the love of my life; it took us THREE years to officially committed to each other & be able to hold each others hand for the first time and he had badly pampered me like a QUEEN.

But have I followed all the rules right?


Was I always perfect?


And did that made him love me less?


Did that gave him right to mistreat me?

Bottom line: Being a gentlemen and lady lies in our gene NOT our financial status and nothing can change that but sadly not everybody can be same and that's the beauty of "dating." We go on date with opposite sex just to eliminate our curiosity and gain some bonding. It is our birth right to learn how to dine and speak with an opposite sex and its (FUN) specially, when we actually "like" the person. Simply, this is what the purpose of "DATE" should be; unless you are a slut and only date rich men to hit his JACKPOT!
Personally, I had never gone on date with someone where I end up not liking the person or had any experience with myself having to pay for the bill. HAHAHAHA Specially, when I had only gone on  date with two different men in my lifetime. Somehow, I always have this strong instinct where I can naturally differentiate an asshole and gentlemen when being asked out at first place. Although that puts great restriction to my dating opportunities. :D But, in a group of people I did observed this awful and turn off behavior where men run away from bills and its pretty disgusting. I don't think I can ever live happily with a man who will refused to show off his self worth! On the other hand, the love of my life had revealed to me that he would respect the women better if they at least (try) to pay for their own meal and drinks and definitely sets better impression (just an opinion). Which completely make sense; after all that's what our parents taught us as well. And luckily both my date had been well worth it. My men were honest and gentlemen although in different situation and financial circumstance. Yet, both holds strong dignity, pride, and loved me without any doubt!

My mother had tried many times to hook me up with these "oh he is such a nice boy types" but I had happily kicked hard on their ass and refused to even have a cup of tea with them. Perhaps, for that I had earned a tittle of "rage daughter" in my mom's eyes but one thing for sure I'm glad I've managed to save myself from having a dull and style-less/boring life. Last year, my mother tried to hook me up with this very wealthy men not because his fortune but because of his capability but with couple phone calls I had learned his selfish purpose and never gave him chance to have a cup of tea or dream of me as his future servant. Which later lead him to phone stalk me and I had happily refused to pick up! Someone said it right, respect and listen to your parents but never let them rule your life. I have learned this lesson three years ago when I was in my early 20s and was an inch away from being officially married. The only thing that was left was to legalize our wedlock to the court. The man that I have known since my childhood and the man everybody loves. My friends, my family, my mother to be specific except for my aunt with whom I get along super well. Although, as an adult I have only met him not more than two weeks in my lifetime, that too without a single date. I have no option to judge his adult behaviors and habit, all thanks to my family members who believed in no decent women should remain single after 25. But thankfully, I was brave enough to save myself from becoming another satyamev jayate victim. As time passed, although not on fancy date or couple cocktails but I have learned my would be husband has very little interest in the teachings of dharma and macho interest in expensive things and definitely doesn't believe in KARMA or REBIRTH. Although he is from India yet he only wears clothes from ZARA, the store I have never once shopped in my lifetime. There's this truth about Americans that no matter what every young and sophisticate American boys can't live without A. Sports,  B. Roman Pantheon and C. Warner Bros. films; which sounds pretty normal and fun grown up to me and I'm sure it applies same to anybody from India as well, in their own version of sports, ancient mythological fantasy or every other Yash Chopra romantic films. But sadly, I had failed to see any of these interest in my would be hubby apart from updating every new Apple Iphone, clothes from ZARA with zero accomplishment. I have learned all that over the phone just within a couple of months and sadly I had no choice but to call it off; at that point I would not be surprise if someday he make me pay for the bills if we ever go on date.  It was like I go to bed dreaming of romancing with him but I always wake up to an ugly reality instead and gets to be extremely turn off every day. Honestly speaking, although I have only gone on two traditional dates, (without including all those online-fake-time pass-romeo) but I must say I have owed a lot to my phone, hahaha the phone that has successfully revealed the worst of my aspiring future husbands. These are some of the advantages you gain from an art of dating if you know where you stand and have full confident in yourself no matter what. Sadly, many women are mislead by the term "date" and often, they go on date just find their Mr. Right. Perhaps that's when the confusion of "who should pay for check and all that issues might rise." Because sadly, they are: A. Too naive, B. Badly brainwashed by their ambitious friends, or C. Didn't had great time. This applies same to both male and female.

I happened to be on those two dates because A. I met both of them at the party, B. They both equally liked me as well, C. I had great time with both of them,  D. We had rocking chemistry, E. I dated them in a gap of complete different period, F. My mother was anti-cross culture, G. We didn't owe each other anything, H. I still have my self respect, I. Life goes on!!!!!!!!

Happiness can't be measured by money or checks; but it can be measured by the moment we breath in. I know many girlfriends who only go out in the hope to meet men just for his fortune and many a times they are awesome actors/gamblers; when the reality hits them their relationship always goes in drain with bundle of children from different men so watch out to all the decent boys and girls. Never be brainwashed by losers.

PS. People need to stop harassing the "TheRealMadrasan" because she rocks and I'm so happy that she goes out on date and living it up! If only I could have gone to many dates perhaps I would had never made that one mistake of tying the knot with that one guy with whom I had never gone out. :-)


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

London Olympic 2012

Some of the most memorable moments from London 2012 Olympic!
Her majesty had agreed to be 2012 Bond Girl and put on a shinny pink frock just for Danny Boyle.
~ Our team USA opening ceremony parade~



STAY TUNE MORE TO COME.........................................

Friday, July 27, 2012


Nawab ND Tiwari, fakingnews superhero. Savita Bhabi, Jayhinds heroine. Poonam Pandey, india's proud daughter who wants to get naked for team India. Sherlyn Chopra, India's exported playboy bunny. Sunny Leone, india's imported porn star. Abhishek Manu Singhvi india's first politician pornstar. Salman Khan, india's superstar who makes fortune out of being human shirt & kills people by running over them!! Nira Radia, India's hottest Agent owner! Things that I learn on Internet from INDIAN MEDIA.

Meanwhile one more week and I'm free. I have couple blogs to finished up and look forward to my Canada trip. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Night Out With State Level Badminton Champion: Captain Yangkyi,,,,,,,


Back in (Mussoorie) India, there's a "thing" for any girl with the name (Yangkyi). Every body believed either all the yangkyissssssssssssss are cute or all the yangkyisssssss are "bandar" not because how they look but just a tradition that has been passed on by our seniors. It's like a myth!!!! And every other Yangkyi doesn't get offend with their nick name as well since they knew that it's just a trend. hahahaha Well, with this Yangkyi that I went out with last night; I knew her since boarding school days in Mussoorie. Although, she is 6 years senior to me yet, fate has always brought us together and without any doubt we had always enjoyed each others company. Yangkyi and I were in different High School when we were in US but fortunately our school sports competition has always brought us together. She was captain of her school badminton team and was in her final year when I was freshman in High School. We had played countless state level games within that one year. We had even performed many stage shows as well, countless I must say. In those days, I get to know her in and out. There were times when she realizes that she had forgotten her jewelry at home before our stage show and I used to take off my own extra gold ear rings and necklace and blindly put it on her. That's how "nice" she is that I absolutely have no problem sharing anything materialistic with her. In fact, we had shared countless make up, clothes, traveled together, and had special moments together while growing up. She was the High School sweetheart and daughter in law of my neighbor who's our distant relative so she was always around my hood while I was growing up. Surprisingly, in my first year in college, she was the first one who came to know about the love of my life. At the age of 17, as I was on romantic date with my beloved ex; she and her hubby dear walked in to the same restaurant I was at and caught me dinning with a very handsome 19 year old boy. And that was my first ever date in my life time.  I still remember feeling extremely uncomfortable, embarrassed, and awkward spotting them at the same restaurant. It was a strange moment because not so long ago when first time I met the love of my life at the party; her husband was the one who took me and my friends to that party for the first time in my life and he did his bodyguard duty very well just so he can bring me back to my mom in one piece. when I met the love of my life there, right away (her husband) warned him to stay away from me. As they walked in and passed by our table, I got so scared thinking poor boy will get one punch for sure but thankfully nothing like that happened and I saw Yangkyi smiling at us from behind. I must say Yangkyi had always carried such a warm vibe with her that nothing can go wrong in her presence. Since then I grew up, finished college and ditched most of my hobbies while in search of accomplishment. I had stopped doing everything that I used to do as a teenager. She left home and moved to New York as well. But today when she is back home for vacation; I had found myself doing exactly what my mother used to do.I went to grocery store picked up some juice, milk, meat, eggs, chips, chocolates, fruits, and drove over to her house just to welcome here back to home sweet home. These are the things I had seen my mother and her friends doing whenever they go on vacation and come back home. And I didn't realized the imitation of my mother in my life till I reached grocery store. While picking up those milks and eggs I felt so "adult" and thought "OMG that's so my mother, not me." HA HA lol. Any ways, may be it's the joy of going over to see good old friend, either way it sure was a good feeling. Because of her positive company this year HH Dalai Lama picnic was fun as well. And yesterday, I had decided to take her out to one of my favorite restaurant GOOD EARTH before she takes off to vacation in India with her entire family. To celebrate our reunion, I had even had a glass of red win. Yes, alcohol in my sacred system. lol We had blast and I'm glad no matter everything that has had happened in her life yet she is still the same Yangkyi that I know for many years! So more power and cheers to her!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Our beloved Hanuman Ji, veteran actor Dara Singh had passed away today. As a kid I used to adore his heroic scenes from Mahabharat and Ramayan. Be it when he's picking up mountain in Mahabharat, burning his tail in Ramayan, knocking his rivals in wrestling ring, or playing super adorable and large size grandfather of Kareena Kapoor in Jab We Met; Dhara Singh always rocked. More than his artistic and accomplishment he seem to be extremely happy, peaceful, charming, and generous person. If Maharashtra got Bal Thackeray; North Indian got "DARA SINGH." Here's to the legend who had made every North Indian proud and left us with no fuss, no air, no ego,  and ofcourse no dirty laundry behind. Cheers and may you RIP!
<3333333333333333333333333JAB WE MET<3333333333333333333333333333333333

Love A fan~

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 77th Birthday To His Holiness The Dalai Lama!

Happy 77th birthday to His Holiness The Dalai Lama of Tibet.

As I stepped home with my co worker Pema today during our dinner break from work. Pema had spotted a very very attractive frame at the corner of my room as I was showing her what I might wear on picnic tomorrow. Right away she grabbed the frame and said, "OMG who is this man?" It was a frame that has picture of me and my ex with whom I had almost decided to spent rest of my life together. So I told her ohhh no it's my ex. Her reaction went, "but then why ex???" "I'm seeing a good looking man like this for the first time, how come you guys broke up??" "Wow! This is how my dream man should look like,,,,,,,," and she kept on going while still holding on to my frame. Seriously, in my head I went, "girl you want him??? Feel free to have him whenever." hahahaha It's amazing how people can just fall for somebody just like that and how little does she know about that person yet she went head over hills with his looks. If it wasn't about who he really is; today things might had been something else. If it wasn't for our childhood friendship, he would had never come in to my life. When Pema complimented me with this so called "perfect couple" which is nothing new.  I LMAO in my head but oh well, what does she know about the reality na? Then we head back to work and now I'm super tired with all that labor work and I have to get up tomorrow morning to go to picnic to celebrate HH birthday. So excited that I get to go out and have some fun, super excited to see most of my friends and school mates that I haven't seen for years and years. These days, as we grew up, responsibility keep increasing and everybody is busy grounding their careers and nobody every see each other anymore like how we used to be back in High School and Middle School days. Many of them went to Wisconsin for Midwest football torment yet there should be some who stayed back. So till then I'm off to bed and will continue tomorrow, although I'm working in the evening shift. :-)  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

God Particle!

On wednesday the CERN had discovered their new subatomic particle (Higgs Boson). Higg must have felt a great sense of satisfaction for being able to clear his doubt and scientifically be able to invent and prove that missing piece of the invisible mass to gain better knowledge and understanding on the formation of our Universe by the big bang of course. And to those millions of other scientist and layman who might had same sense of longing might exactly know what's it like to gain such a well examined and well research test. After all, a drop of "tears" explains nothing more then a joy and dedication to any emotional and physical achievement. Apart from that, this name the "god particle" is very imitating and all those outrages people are very much ROFL worthy. When you've done nothing unethical there's no need to fight over any supreme being. The purity of our mind and action beats up everything. It's the matter of you have it or not. Our Almighty exist in micro particles in every single human being so treat yourself neat. Without #consciousness there's no knowledge of right or wrong but only "ignorant." So be aware, relax, and smile. Live your life as you didn't came down to this earth to kiss or please anybody's ass. Stop making others control your life and for god sake try to live your life in your own term. Read you own choice of book, follow your own dream, clear your own doubt by asking questions. What some ancient gurus had already known has been scientifically proven now. Nothing new but different age and great achievement by the baby boomers. As Lord Buddha always said, "experience is the mother of virtue" best way to clear your doubt is to study and examine it on your own. And this is what we can learn from the virtue of this accomplishment rest is nothing but best current affair in the world right now. This might or might not make any difference in the learning process of our future generation's quest to the universal truth. After all, it is all up to each individuals to discover their own path. Either way, we can't avoid "boson" either. A far sexier and greater achievement then discovering Pakistan and investing time and energy on its current affair. I say Higgs boson is sexier then bombard & failed nation. So chill and don't be jealous of what you can't have. And bongs sure have good karma by gaining pleasant jokes all the time. Period.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day To My America!

As we started celebrating our 4th, of July early this year by firing our very own God's Particle; may this nation still continue to shine forever. From the prediction of Tibetan Buddhism it has always believed that Buddhism will shine from nowhere else but right here from the world of Mayan. America, the land of native and H1B immigrants = not only have hope for bright future but also a killer fate. Watch out communist China!!!!!!! God bless our #cosmic consciousness, the mind of God, may you keep singing!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Welcome to the world of dog eating dog,,,,,,

Have you ever wondered why people look down on film industry? Have you ever wondered why 90% of journalist have messed up life? Is extramarital and alcohol bonus ticket to journalist "OUTSTANDING" qualification? We all know that anything that sales can always have fiction version to it, be it the "STORY" of journalist daily bread and butter.  Have you ever wonder why most journalist are extremely insensitive? Have you ever wondered why people from filmy world and journalism are screwed up?  Well, it's the greed for EASY money and fame that has badly screwed up their life and end up becoming a victim of drugs and alcohol. Just like how a teenagers gets stuck in a tiny box of their imaginary world, where everything is about fantasy, nothing "REAL" exist.  And they will go to any extend to fulfill their pleasure. Well, watch this episode of #SMJ and you will get all your answer. Personally, I think nothing is more exploit, dangerous, and vulgar then the field of politics, journalism, and film industry. Good luck to all those strugglers, cartons, and alcoholist. May you all keep the circus going in this world!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Martin Scorsese Baby Kundun After 16 Years!!!!!!!!

This evening I was supposed to go to my neighbor boy's High School graduation party and I missed it because I was working so I didn't get to go with my mom. Any how, this little boy is non other then the boy who played baby (Dalai Lama) in Martin Scorsese 1997 film Kundun, the story of His Holiness The Dali Lama that has won many awards, both oscar and academic. It was just yesterday when he was so little and now all grown up in the picture of his invitation card. Wow! Time sure flies~~~~~
And please do catch the film if you haven't yet. As a Tibetan we do our best to teach others about our unique culture and tradition that has been badly destructed by People's Republic of China during cultural revolution. Thanks for your support to free tibet!
Ignore this lama; this isn't the little boy, it's rather suppose to be grown up Dalai Lama played by Thutop aka Himeesh. lol


Friday, June 29, 2012

I don't wanna wait for our lives to be over???????

"I don't wanna wait for our lives to be over will it be, so will it be,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"

Today, Katie Holmes lawyer disclosed that she's getting a divorce from her famous husband Hollywood's impossible man "Tom Cruise" aka the infamous Akshay Kumar of Bollywood. Apparently, this breaking news did not surprised me at all. And I have no doubt about every inch of their romance and marriage. It happened only because it was mean to be happen. Kate is too good to be true and Tom Cruise is too ambitious to actually make it happen. Honestly speaking I was never a fan of him. Neither he had any charm, nor a decent sense of belonging, apart from an empire of mission impossible and scientology. While we were growing up in the late 90s, Katie Holmes was the spring chicken of our era. She had done her debut in WB hit serial Dawson's Creek and had done full justice to her role as Joyee Potter. Those were the days when we actually had real prime time show with decent background score, another reason to come home from school every evening, just to religiously watch our favorite show. In those days, famous TV stars are nothing more then an annually poster model of teen magazine cover page since the entire media was reserved by a MTV and Grammy awards red carpet queen JLO. More then the divorce, I was surprised in him discovering such a down to earth and well grounded lady from Ohio (who barely gets any media coverage). That too many years after the show had ended. In between all these she always had her ex boyfriend Chris Klein by her side and done couple of awful films, although I thought she had done excellent role in her film "THE ABANDONED." I always felt down the road, her romance and marriage with Tom will not go anywhere, not that they didn't truly love each other but both of them hailed from a complete different background. She came from a highly educated and religious family that perhaps holds extremely strong ethical and moral values. Whereas Tom, by in large he is a famous and wealthy actor but apart from that he's got nothing besides trouble. The trouble of being a head of none existence and self proclaimed (faith) scientology church and leading this non sense to ruin his life and love forever. I bet if anybody truly love each other they had to start from the scratch with bundle of sacrifices. It's simply matter of priorities and choices and there's more to live then marriage. Nothing more or less. And this isn't the case of in laws abusing their newly wed daughter in laws; with that, there's at least a hope of "love" from her husband. But here, it's the matter of spouse not being able to walk together on a same path of "happiness." I'm glad Kate has finally decided to live life in her own terms; just the way she was raised; freely being able to go to church every sunday, bake cookies for her daughter when Tom had choose to rather fall in love with scientology. Bravo! I must say when Reese Witherspoon can call off her marriage with ex hubby Ryan Phillips when he attempt to cheat on her. Why not Kate???? Even if its scientology,,,,, History has it that two different soul/heart with two different moral believes can never be able to function and safely breath under one roof. And it's always better late then never. Somehow, of all these years, with all these high profile images and media attention, somewhere deep down Kate must had always been stuck at where it all began and today what she must had hummed every morning had finally came to an end: "I don't wanna wait for our lives to be over will it be, so will it be," the famous opening theme song of her first ever show.
PS. Katie Holmes must be the only women that had for the first time hit hard hammer on our Tom Cruise.  :( Better luck next time with the package of scientology!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Affordable Care Act!

I have been living in United States ever since I was thirteen and within these 6 presidential years, my nation had experienced many ups and downs but personally politics (Democrat and Republican) parties had never once made a single impact on my life. All thanks to the status of the nation as World's number #1 super power. Although, on a larger scale, the vote bank had always been played by middle class vs rich and I'm sure in a past it did made a huge impact on certain sections and I might be just too young to acknowledge it's political affect. Perhaps, the impact is something I have yet to face, challenge, and experience. The responsibility starts getting heavier as I graduate from college in year 2008. Only then I realized every single law that our president pass makes a huge impact on my life. I had learned that from my first ever real job in my adolescence. At that time I was 21, on a rocking and most romantic relationship with the love of my life. Luckily, I found a job right after my registration exam and I was offered and introduced to all these fancy benefits, health insurance, life insurance, 401k, PETA, etc on my first job interview and had to literally negotiate my salary as well.  I had been living at home since 13 and I found all these kind of strange yet, that was it, I had stepped in to the real world of adults, paying my own bills, purchasing my own health and auto insurance was all great learning experience. As step by step I realized the responsibilities and expense of my living. Although my MBA graduate (bf) had several times attempted to teach me how to manage my budget properly yet the expense was out of control. We as an employee, we had to pay almost one thousand dollar per month just for a single coverage health insurance and nobody can do anything to it. That's the best deal my employer can offer as well and nobody can bring any change to it as well. Although, I can't blame our politician for such a matter yet I was fed up with this expensive healthcare for years after years. Today, after all these years the supreme court had upheld the president Obama's Affordable Care Act and it had completely brought a hope to our nation. Nothing matters more then our health and when there's universal insurance policy like that; it proves that the well being of our citizen comes before anything else. A health care policy where everybody is required to have it at some point of time and nobody will get ripped off just by taking care of their needs and misfortune in being unwell. And it also covers any preexistence condition as well, although I've always been healthy. Until then, its getting very very late here and I had long evening at work as well. Now, I'm off to bed. I'll re read and edit it tomorrow morning if there's any errors.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Good night!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Are indian married men and women easily wooed/fooled?

My cousin sister Dolma hates Indian. Her only reason is that they are "cheap"!
She hardly ever talks to them as well, although I always tell her people are different and it's not good to generalize yet it seem as what she saw at her work place had already formed an idea in her mind which perhaps might never go away. She once told me at the hospital where she works in Manglor, the nurses flirts with their doctors for 24/7 and most of time these doctors are newly married and has a new born babies and wives at home. Many times the nurses also keep the doctors cell phone and check all their text message right in front of all the colleagues. After hearing this it kind of shocked me that such a vulgar behaviors happens at such a high rank institutes. I mean, in US these kind of behaviors happens everyday in White House, Law offices, and also inside the tiny room of journalist but hardly ever at places like "HOSPITAL." Such a behavior will be look down and might perhaps kick them out if ever practiced in hospital setting. Dolma, tells me many times that she can not wait to get out of that nation and always asked me; "sis why the hell you ever want to come to such a third world country?" Oh well, she even told me once she saw this nurse texting her doctor "I LOVE YOU." What the hell??? Seriously, after being on social network for almost a year, I don't blame her. I get to experienced something that perhaps lacks in any other nation. I had been on social network for sometime, but India is the only nation where married men and women flirt with each other openly and not just for a day or couple hours but every single day after day for 24/7. On my head, I always ask, don't they have any children to raise? Don't they have any family business to run? Don't they have any cooking and cleaning that needs to be done? Don't they have any hair falls on their bathroom floor?  Don't they have any desire to go shopping? Don't they have any walking that needs to be done? Don't they have any teaching that needs to be done for their children? Don't they have any traveling that needs to be done? Many times the reason I get on internet is because I'm single and when I'm not working, there's so many things that I can achieve from internet. Often, it's a great stress buster although not by any means to flirt with someone's husband. Yet, I do interact with all kinds of people yet I had always maintained my restriction. In past, I had even warned those who try to cross their limit by sending me over to top romance messages. And I have no intension to have any romance or in search for my groom here as well. Perhaps that's the one reason I had never hesitate what I tweet and write on my blogs. It's my space and nobody has any business to it. And I careless about what I write here and other's opinion on it doesn't matter at all. This is my voice and I'm not here to impress anybody as well. I either make friends or enemy but nothing less or more then that. Other wise, on back of my mind there's always something that I wanted to achieve in my real world when I'm not on internet. I mean, in such a competitive time that we live in right now, there are so many things yet to achieve although I'm still single and independent. Then how the hell some people manage to have so many time for pleasure specially when they have spouse and children as a dependent to them????? And also, don't they have any family business to run? I mean seriously, if that's the condition of India today then it seem as all these daily extramarital might be reason behind their over population or flirting with strangers on internet might be reason behind being a poor third world nation who's fate will be powered and scripted by Rahul Gandhi as PM and Digvijay as his Senapati. :-)
This video is pretty "HILARIOUS."

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Power Of Women Of Substance

(Here, learning the social tales of wealthy and elites of Kalimpong; nothing special).
Disclaimer: I never thought or believed men or women are superior to each other from any angle besides we are both human being. But from day one men had always took heavier responsibility and therefor we had always referred to them as the spine of the family. And the purpose of this blog is to explore an idea of  being a responsible like an ideal man and selfless like an ideal women; nothing more nothing less.... #VICTORY!

I come from a background where women have high and sacred place within the family. While growing up, after the death of my uncle's wife, I've seen my mother who have gracefully raised not just her own but also her own brother's family members as well. My uncle is the only son of my grandmother and he has never once washed his dishes or cooked in his lifetime. I've seen my aunty and her husband gracefully retiring from their century old rug business and went on to study Tibetan Buddhism and excelled up to Acharya degree, now they spends most of their time meditating and working on other's well being by expending their schools and traveling around the glob. None of this would had ever happened if my cousin sister would had never took that heavy responsibility post her high school. She never went to college. In a age of 18, right after her graduation from Central School For Tibetans in Mussoorie, her life shift from carefree girl to a single business women of net worth billion dollars. While my mother had sacrificed all her womanhood in raising two family members, my cousin sister had also sacrificed all her adolescence in work that was passed on from her paternity side. Working day and night in industry like a man, she missed the period where she can have a boyfriend and husband. But I guess these things are worth penny for any {women of substance}. As a teenage, before I stepped out of my high school, one thing my mother had explained over and over again was that "no matter whatever you will be studying one thing needs to be straight that in the end it has to be something that perfectly grounds your livelihood." She mentioned no matter how educated or how much women can achieve; in the end the string of her pride and honor still lies in how well she earns." She said "out in the real world people are different and not as decent, there will be no question that in order to survive either women have to sacrifice her capability and be slave and dependent to her husband or they have to be fully independent and earns well." I've learned from my mother that wealth matters a lot, be it when women gets married to a men or when she's single working women. In both cases, the pride of her upbringing and livelihood still lies in how much she's worth and earns. She said, "many single and educated women who works at underpaid and unstable institute with zero moral towards themselves and others well being are simply good for nothing but fools in the name of modern women." "No strong women will ever fall behind men when it comes to earning as much or raising his children in successful marriage. After all that is the only justice to our achievement, qualification, and credential; "so my little girl may you never be confused." "You either get married or be wise and men enough to have the best career which serves both yourself and other's well being equally." Many of the words my mother said, still strongly glued in my mind which perhaps will never get wash out. From where I came from, the women in my {happy world} had set up such a high expectation that I have no doubt in retaining it's charm, pride, and reputation.

The key to anybody's success lies in the palms of our hand and strength of our mind; neither in selfishness nor in between the legs. Nor politician nor politics of the nation can bring 100 percent changes to anybody's well being unless we give our best! And if you still denial this bitter truth then you're a closet whore.
Certainly, one of the best film on women so far! The power anybody's success first comes from being selfless and awareness towards others well being. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Journey Of A Dream: A Story Of A Heavy Metal Tibetan Refugee

Cover of Times Magazine March 17, 1959
Happy World Refugee Day to all those people who had been the victim of injustice, freedom of speech, religious and human right violation in their home land and took refugee in their neighboring country. When someone decides to adopt such a heavy political responsibilities, the person in power needs to have high moral grounded. Otherwise, many dream and journey of a heavy metal tibetan refugee could never had been possible! Thank You Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru and thank you India. India indeed will be our one and only home away from home where we safely took refugee in early 1950s. Here are some of the pictures and videos of when Tibetans first arrived in India. The pictures are from my school which was one of the first Tibetan school in exile and was founded by Tibetan Princess late Tsering Dolma La and her late husband, later powered by His Holiness The Dalai Lama's Government In Exile. 

Make sure you read the interview of our former Prime Minister Professor Samdhong Rinpoche's interview by star tribune on his presidential farewell visit to all states in America and Canada. 

Nehru teaching ABC of modern world to His Holiness The Dalai Lama, far better then Mao.

From left: Princess Tsering Dolma La and her husband, Founder of SOS, and Dalai Lama's Niece Khando La.
Late Princess Tsering Dolma La and her husband when they were young.
~The Story Of Tibet~

~First generation pictures from our school~
~Tibetan Homes School Mussoorie~ First batch!!!!
Far left on top line is our PaLa Raju! Love him to bits. And far right at front is my uncle Luntok La's buddy. Uncle Luntok La served as His Holiness The Dalai Lama's bodyguard. :-)
Please click the link below and make sure to watch this film and support our cause. 

Now and Then<3

Fine me if you can!!!!

We are the pride of His Holiness The Dalai Lama<3
And we are the best<3

Thank you!
Free Tibet<3