Friday, June 29, 2012

I don't wanna wait for our lives to be over???????

"I don't wanna wait for our lives to be over will it be, so will it be,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"

Today, Katie Holmes lawyer disclosed that she's getting a divorce from her famous husband Hollywood's impossible man "Tom Cruise" aka the infamous Akshay Kumar of Bollywood. Apparently, this breaking news did not surprised me at all. And I have no doubt about every inch of their romance and marriage. It happened only because it was mean to be happen. Kate is too good to be true and Tom Cruise is too ambitious to actually make it happen. Honestly speaking I was never a fan of him. Neither he had any charm, nor a decent sense of belonging, apart from an empire of mission impossible and scientology. While we were growing up in the late 90s, Katie Holmes was the spring chicken of our era. She had done her debut in WB hit serial Dawson's Creek and had done full justice to her role as Joyee Potter. Those were the days when we actually had real prime time show with decent background score, another reason to come home from school every evening, just to religiously watch our favorite show. In those days, famous TV stars are nothing more then an annually poster model of teen magazine cover page since the entire media was reserved by a MTV and Grammy awards red carpet queen JLO. More then the divorce, I was surprised in him discovering such a down to earth and well grounded lady from Ohio (who barely gets any media coverage). That too many years after the show had ended. In between all these she always had her ex boyfriend Chris Klein by her side and done couple of awful films, although I thought she had done excellent role in her film "THE ABANDONED." I always felt down the road, her romance and marriage with Tom will not go anywhere, not that they didn't truly love each other but both of them hailed from a complete different background. She came from a highly educated and religious family that perhaps holds extremely strong ethical and moral values. Whereas Tom, by in large he is a famous and wealthy actor but apart from that he's got nothing besides trouble. The trouble of being a head of none existence and self proclaimed (faith) scientology church and leading this non sense to ruin his life and love forever. I bet if anybody truly love each other they had to start from the scratch with bundle of sacrifices. It's simply matter of priorities and choices and there's more to live then marriage. Nothing more or less. And this isn't the case of in laws abusing their newly wed daughter in laws; with that, there's at least a hope of "love" from her husband. But here, it's the matter of spouse not being able to walk together on a same path of "happiness." I'm glad Kate has finally decided to live life in her own terms; just the way she was raised; freely being able to go to church every sunday, bake cookies for her daughter when Tom had choose to rather fall in love with scientology. Bravo! I must say when Reese Witherspoon can call off her marriage with ex hubby Ryan Phillips when he attempt to cheat on her. Why not Kate???? Even if its scientology,,,,, History has it that two different soul/heart with two different moral believes can never be able to function and safely breath under one roof. And it's always better late then never. Somehow, of all these years, with all these high profile images and media attention, somewhere deep down Kate must had always been stuck at where it all began and today what she must had hummed every morning had finally came to an end: "I don't wanna wait for our lives to be over will it be, so will it be," the famous opening theme song of her first ever show.
PS. Katie Holmes must be the only women that had for the first time hit hard hammer on our Tom Cruise.  :( Better luck next time with the package of scientology!

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