Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Pa La Father's Day!

Disclaimer: All the incident taken in here are #fact and it wasn't made up or fiction at all. Truth is it wasn't just taken seriously and turn out to be nothing but something to be laughed about. Take it easy in life and "no tension means no headaches." As @DeepakChopra says each stress damages millions of brain cells. So don't worry and be happy!

Dear Daddy,
How come there aren't many men out there who are "men enough" to win both your daughters heart? Perhaps I should have never said; "no matter what I will never ever marry to a man with curly hair or a pot belly." Now the bad karma of poking fun on unattractive men is biting your daughter's ass. :p Sister (Dolma) got married when I was in 9th grade and she was around 17 years old. But sadly, the marriage didn't last although it was a love marriage. They had a grand and fancy ceremony. Today, after 10 long years we are both still eligible and rocking! Acha/sis always told me all those #sadarji jokes that they would always use to amuse/ impress each other had lasted only up till the honeymoon year. Although she never says it but I can still see that she has completely shut herself down. But I do encourage her to be more open but due to the lack of "real men" in this world, now we have lost our interest and faith in men's credibility. Looks like pretty soon we will have to reserve our admission at Ani Gompa (nunnery monastery). Pa La, the tragedy of my life is that I hardly find any men impressive and for some reason I absolutely love poking and irritating them. he he he he If I could reveal my biggest secret to you on this father's day, this is it. The bed news is your younger daughter has turned out to be a big closet tomboy who likes to challenge men and burn their ass off in any given opportunity. I get enormous pleasure from doing so. It isn't like I'm intensionally doing it but it just triggers by it self. Many times, oh how I wished if, if only they can feel the joy of it. If I could count the number of sinus infection that I had given to those men, that too just this year, you probably might get a heart attack up in heaven. An average women puts on mask to impress men but strangely this isn't my cup of tea. I find joy in starting from the scratch. And honestly speaking, I can never be able to sleep in peace if the man I'm sharing bed did not win me over my own game. If not, I had rather be single forever. Last year I rejected 3 arranged marriage proposal but after couple months I met someone that I actually "liked" but mom never accepted the killer affair, I guess I should blame it on her superiority complex. But after many war on it, I had finally gain something out of it. Yippppy she has finally set me free and has gave up on me with this disease called "arrange marriage." There, one thing that you should be proud of me. But don't worry thought I've still managed to keep many men on the waiting list. Trust me none of them are worth my precious time and neither to torture them with my "mean sinus infection behavior", apart from exchanging one or two text message here and there in once a blue moon. Pa La, you left way too early from this world, leaving all of us behind with very little memory. May you RIP and Happy Father's Day to you.  We are both more then fortunate to inherit your kind hearted and charming nature. 
Best Daddy in the entire world! Who always inspired and guided us to be men indeed and yet remained successful father<3 

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