Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I have a tale but don't be jealous!

My mother told me this interesting story about my soon to be mother in law's "home." The home that she left when she got married off and moved in to exile after some years. But there is a twist; in order to understand the family relations between (my) mother in law and (my mother's) mother in law because ultimately they have both roots back to same tree. It involves seeds of two generation; so stay focus and don't get mixed up or jealous if it sounds too good to be true. At the end it is bygone and nothing more then a tale; you may call it a fairy tale or a folklore. This epic must had influenced or impacted my soon to be husband's ancestors but it certainly has nothing to gain or lose to us in our lifetime. Except to respect and honor the blue blood that they have passed on to my future child.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Infinity vs Expiration STAMP

I just passed my mid 20s; and I have stopped celebrating my birthday ever since I turned 22 years old. Ever since then I have decided to see my friends only once or twice a year and surprisingly I have manage to keep that resolution. I can proudly say that I have spent most of my time with my mother ever since I was thirteen, although back then it's a different period and I did managed to hang out more often with my friends and got to know them very well. But things changed as we finished our college years in our early 20s, by our 22nd birthday we had all finished colleges and have started working, earning for living, on our own, etc, etc. But this year it made me wonder, what if I wasn't the person that I'm today? What if I was hater instead of lover? What if I was evil instead of kind person? What if I had taken the wrong route instead of the one that I'm on right now? What if I had never went to college? What if I had never dreamed of becoming Nurse Practitioner? What if my happiness lies in the eyes/hearts of others satisfaction? What if I was forever in  delusion and fantasy world as any child? What if I start expecting more from others? What if I was the subject of somebody's time pass? I guess the key to aging is just a number!!!! You either remain infinite or you get expired. I mean, our "AMAZING" parents age all the time but they still remain "amazing, smart, and young" in our eyes. They can never expire in our heart. But then there are some things that I'm more then happy that it actually ended. For example "BOARDING SCHOOL" days! Specially, the "EVIL TEACHERS AND SCHOOL MATES." After all, each child came from very different background. I guess with this I can pretty much speak on behalf of most of my former classmates/school mates because it's a mutual sense of impression when it comes to "that someone evil." Its always the same person who steals our food, money, or clothes. Its always the same person when it comes to jealousy. Its always the same person when it comes to abusing others. One thing was for sure that it wasn't just lack of money or class in their evilness. There are others who equally did not had enough money or etc, but they were not necessarily evil; they are normal and decent just as any of us. So I guess the ones that are extremely sensitive and mean had properly come from "worst of worst," :( As time passed we have (unconsciously) managed to crook those that deserves to be and feel joyful about the brighter side of it and have an epic period to feel nostalgic about. On the other hand we had built gostalgia within our mind of what and who is right and wrong!!!!!!!  :-) Just as my favorite movies will always remain favorite forever as compare to the not so impressive ones. I guess same goes with pretty much everything that happens around us. Specially, when it comes to GOOD vs BAD. I guess at the end of the day it's the impression that defines the power of what is cool vs uncool. And without any doubt to each has their own!!!

Enjoy my photo journey/report on {an impression of infinity vs expiration} STAMP through various shades of medium, periods, people, etc!

The art of expirations can never be missed for sure!!!!!

I used to think Phantom is young/cool/ hero types until I found out "the secret of fossil."
 Twitter is full of people who looks like these and they are often good at scaring young adults.
It's good to own twitter via (one way) just to keep up with devil's advocate around the globe. Or else how and what are we going to aware our children no???? 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Because I said so........

Good Morning readers!
Spring has finally arrived here in Minneapolis and it is a beautiful morning; gentle shower with so many things to be happy about. The day has begun with nothing to score! Only one month left till the big day. Just one month left to freely consume the power of "because I said so............." Only one month left just to be happily mute and smile within self. Only one month left to begin the journey of "we."


Thursday, March 14, 2013

The journey of soulmate~~~~~

It has been over six months together with my soulmate and I have finally discovered the preciousness of my uterus(*!*); not only to shelter and nurture the future of my carbon-copies but to synthesise the power of my mitochondria by being able to store all my over active and amature hormones and emotions within that power-house. Perhaps this biological power of my womanhood must had grant me for a deeper role and responsibilities in the journey of being someone's supposedly soulmate. May all my wish, desire, anger, and the unknown scenarios of my life remain only within the codes of my mitochondria just as the secrets of my unknown ancestors~

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012


Yes! He has finally arrived! Of course after many failed attempts of my family members who tried hard to fix me up with their choice of my so called "aspiring groom." The prince charm did not came on white horse or neither did he rescued me from danger but he sure did came with an package of equally well balanced and satisfying background. Not only the reality of both our family members having a line of unbroken lineage of apsaras and devas but he actually fell in love with me the day he prank called me and I happened to almost put him to jail without knowing this was all set up by our family members. Although, all the formality and rituals of tea session over at my mommy dear's was over but I still have yet to feel that "I can't live without you" fever on him. Perhaps only time will grant me that one inch of joy and so far (personally) he is definitely not bad at all till then I guess I just have to settle with being highly pampered and loved by the man of my very own blue blood<3