Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Random self evaluation!

OMG! It has been an ages since the last time I visited spa or parlor. Although I still maintain my early morning yoga. Honestly speaking, my work has kept me so busy that I hardly get any day off, except for once a blue moon, that too including the weekends as well. I wonder how do some people manage to go out party in their adolescence when we are suppose to be at the peak of our career. The only socialize thing I can be able to do is run out to mall in the morning or afternoon before duty. The best thing is I do not miss any of the things that we had done when we were teenagers. Be it about going out shopping at mall with bunch of girlfriends or going out to party with my school friends. Right now, every minute seem to be precious and nothing could be as more satisfying as this. Now, the only thing that needs to be checked is  to be able to find time to set up an schedule for spa and get my eye brows done and a brand new hair cut. Until then I got go to work right now. After a hard working hours, today I feel like going nostalgia! Specially, when I've to decide which hair style needs to be back. Let's se....
This was at Wisconsin.
Below: With my Marwari sweetheart from Nepal<3
Below: With babu, Mr.EngineerAtLarge! AKA my first cousin from Philly!
Hang out buddies! One of the nicest people around. Look at my hair damn longgggggggggggggg.
(Pala/Dad will really like this pix if we still have him today).

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Imitation the pillar and weapons of wannabe super heroes!

If you don't have it or can't have it last thing is........? *Pretend to be cool & better.*We perceive them as wannabe because many times they lack courage to compete with someone their age, size, and gender. Perhaps that's why man from similar age and background challenging each other has higher honor and grace. Specially, the ones who takes the first step in to it without any form of cowardness and most definitely they creates an advance impression; which is a good thing. But occasionally intimidating more passive target is nothing but "annoying and boring."

PS. If you're proud of something; flaunt it proudly, even if it's your puppy love. Because remember 80% are not worthy or fortunate enough to have what you have. Unless their husband or boyfriend is Abhishek Manu Singhvi types. Only then they can "secretly hide" it till their driver starts chasing after their sweet 16 love life. What a joke! Truth is if you're not proud of anything at all just shut up and starve for it.

Monday, May 28, 2012

ABCD of trust worthy and Bitches from world of garbage!

"That awkward moment when Sajed Khan & Fara Khan scratches their head and thinks hard on why they're such a losers???"

Whore and bitches comes with one piece Salwar Kurta & Sari not on fashionable jean pants and silk top. Yes! Abhishek Manu Singhvi's bitch the lawyer wasn't on party dress. :-)

"Thank god I was always right." There's a reason how we respond to certain people on what they say. We treat them as what they deserve. No doubt disrespect them as well if they try to make "you subject to ego massage their friends" by the line of compliment or sweet words. It's their "intension" which kills them. Just like a negative vibe that many young teenagers carries on their shoulders even though by age they could be parent of some teenager. People's judgement has a lot to do with the background that they come from. No matter how far they had studied but the true color of their dirty blood can never be resist from them. At end they'll only know how much the world of garbage has offered them. It's pity that they'll never know the truth even after their dead, rotten life. The difference between normal people and "fraud" lies within their loyalty not just to others but to themselves as well. I've grown up with the phase if any parents can raise their children to be solid trust worthy, not just the kids but many generation down the line can also benefit from it in their well being as well. That includes, being honest not just to the parents or family members but to their peers and friends as well. For many these kind of idealism is simply bullshit because without any doubt these people rightfully proves rest of the people in this world are assholes just as much as themselves. Perhaps that's the reason why many good people expects only good things from the world. In reality, it doesn't really matter who's trust worthy or not, specially when you've no business with them but apparently people that are "not trust worthy" always leaves you with bad impression. An impression of fraud, cruel, and selfishness. That's for sure!!!!! Many times you get that sense only after how they perceive things incorrectly. For a female insecure bitches there is no place or can even be in reach of someone like "Raj Kundar" "Rahul Dravid" or "Ness Wadia like" love life that in their world of cynicism a trust worthy, rich, and handsome men can be desperately and badly misperceived or replaced as some losers from their childhood village that any decent and normal man reminds them of one of those desperate and lowly men from their poor background. Pity! And they never bother to ask questions or even know the existence of word "doubt." Neither did they ever experience anything sweet and satisfaction. For them they have no knowledge or experience of classy and fancy living/ relationship. All they've is just as poor starving girl off the street, nothing but hunger for good looking, shinny, and superficial glamorous men with zero value and respect to the men from their hood, even if it's their poor father. To them it's either Rajesh Khanna, Saif Ali Khan, or Alok Nath that had shaped the definition of their ideal men and has successfully attracted them. Where first one is too carton for his age, second one is too elite to be noble, third one is too good to be molester. Though these men of their dreams can be perfect example of desperation, idiots, and perverts yet they rather pick and prejudice a soft and simple target. What the bitch don't know is half of the married men are equally desperate in disguise of cool cats mask or thick skin. In hospital industry we call it blame game. Often, we consider them as "insecure and not trust worthy." There's definitely many reasons we look down on such a people. I guess it's the virtue of their "negative intension" which turns people down. Perhaps that's why simple and carefree people hardly ever puts us in doubt and always remain transparent and joyful. At end, the courtesy to faith and trust worthy is as much important as a "good behavior." Unless we are all brainless creatures.

PS. Everyday I try to think of one single fault of my ex which could really piss me off or make me lose faith in stranger; this includes both verbally and physically and the good news is I still can't find one. I feel extremely proud and fortunate of myself and in a way I was brought up. "Happy Memorial Day." Salute to all the great and brave souls. Real men never sits and gossip with cheap, third class women and giggles, unless being impotent is their profession..

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bitter Truth

You're what you do. Nothing can change this truth. Perhaps that's where all my sarcasm came from. Yes! Being a professional nurse at hospital; patients can never hide who they truly are. The level of anybody's strength can only be testimonial when they're in pain as well. The fact of the matter is nurses deal with all shades of people 24/7 and there definitely is no space for "losers" in this profession. Day in and out our job is to judge and evaluate patient (people)both mentally and physically. And this is our business, mind you that as year passes we only get better with our judgement and skills. So to all those professionals who's job is to dig truth and do justice to innocent, or lead the world, guess what? You guys are nothing but big time cartons! :D And certainly, that wasn't the profession Yashodhara practiced as well. And if you don't know who she is,,,,even extra ROFLMAO to you all. Nobody becomes prince and princess by just walking, eating, and living life king size losers. On that note: Happy Drukpa-Tse-Shi week to all. It's the birth, death, and enlightened day of Siddhartha Gautama, The Lord Buddha. And Yashodhara his wife is the key person behind his journey who had predicted all his deed since beginning and showed him his path while dedicating all her life to those in need. Epic!

PS. Just watched SMJ episode on doctors that has immorally practiced and killed their patients; one thing for sure human greed and hunger for money and status has crossed all the boundaries. I pity all those "AT LARGE" types. Along with idiots who worship them. When will they learn without the existence of good heart nothing can be trusted or can be honored. Any well skilled profession or layman can commit crime any given second sweetheart! Again you're what you do so do it well! Read and cherish those well reputed people across the glob, interact, open your eyes, mouth, ears, and know the reality before you even judge or dishonor anybody because life: health and wellness is precious! Perhaps that's why in my heart there's "special" place for those doctors who live their life with strong philosophy and promotes self awareness every minute of their life instead of fooling around with patients organs and making money out of it. :-)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ash: World's Most Beautiful Mother!

"Way of life"
Another reason we take pride of our mother for making us work and earn everything by ourselves from the age of 15. To be a responsible daughter, finish school, and be able to work with all sorts of schedules at work is nothing but "piece of cake." So what's the big deal with the labor of motherhood!!!!! Loved every single words that Ash has uttered! Motherhood sure gave Ash sexier avatar indeed. Excellent attitude and comfort zone which she always lacked along with her world's most beautiful tittle. She has spoked my mind, now everything is forgiven! Congratulation for your motherhood Ash!!! Certainly world's "best" profession indeed.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Aakar Patel

I would like to meet this famous columnist Aakar Patel.
Awesome & extremely knowledgable article! And def not "fake & pretentious."

PS. This article is like "that awkward moment" when the world has come so far & had been run by globalization and people are so advanced that they had mastered, and enjoying everything that seem to be the "best." Be it films, arts, or business but "India" is still stuck with the world of Hindi cinema that imitates countless citizen with their "BIG FAT WEDDING & DOWRY" fantasy. :( Haha


Another rainy day. Loved it yaaar. A visit to mall early in the morning is now equivalent to visiting sabzee mandi. At least I get to flaunt my pink victoria's secret umbrella. On a serious note: There's nothing more beautiful then being a "woman" and smile of "been there; done that."


And I thought about my good friend from boarding school days as well and prayed for her well being. In fact she is the (daughter of well privileged,handsome & extremely educated aristocrat). She studied in Boston University and live there now. Despite the distance we still managed to keep each other up to date! Nature is amazing, there are some people that are extremely over ambitious in terms of "me, me, and more me and even cross the boundary to sleep with her own sister's serious boyfriend." And then, there are some who are deeply trapped in the space of innocence, naive, selfless, extremely intelligent, and complete untouched even in an age of adolescence. Apparently, "she" my friend, holds the latter character. Last time when I talked to her, she's heavily in depression. Specially, after losing her daddy. There seem to be issues after every single words. It is as if there was a lack of wisdom in her upbringing. The innocent soul is not knowing which direction to turn and which way to adopt. Life can be so unfair if one lacks explosion. I can completely feel her pain and the none sense disappointment that I've within myself all turned in to stronger being. In a matter like this we start honoring our own mother for their bundle of wisdom and we also start adoring those mothers who had topped themselves in a list of "most influential women and well traveled." May someday she over come all her hardship and get her knight in shining armor<3

PS. The day when mothers give birth to her children; may she teach her kids an ABC of how to be real men & women rather then this disease called "marriage and wedding."

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Daily dose of wisdom!

Mind your own business and stay happy as always! Superb! Another day, another lesson. Not having twitter is like free from all the none sense. Love it! Now I'm off to swimming,,,,

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How much is too much?

Abayyyyyyy since when your friends trouble became your own? Sorry about my language but there are certain things which really bothers me and it's annoying. Mostly, it's something that I would never ever dare to do. Seriously, I don't know where to start but I used to take pride in still being friends with the people that I had been friends since KG. And luckily I'm still friends with them and always stay in touch with them although I've met many great people on way and bonded excellent that we have became such a good friends. But the problem is every time when my friends get misguided or being fooled by others, I can't stand it. And it bothers me deeply that I start worrying about it as if it's my own issue. What the hell??? That's just too much. Also lately my best friend of 15 years decided to fall for an asshole who is also the reason to misguiding my very good and long term guy friend for years as well. Now how should I react to it? It's so disappointing to fall things in this way but does my agony towards my friends "lost" misleads myself to others or am I being too "nice" to my friends? I must say enough is enough, let them be. Apparently, I was giving myself too much tension for no obvious reason when I've nothing to worry about my own. Good bye to friends issue and "hello" to my happy world!
PS. Khamo kha "villain" bangayee! :(

Uruguay! My new discovery,,,

Yesterday, I met a patient who's from South America but to my surprise I had discovered a new nation (Uruguay). What's more surprising is she told me that the law in Uruguay is "religious free." Schools, government, politics, etc are all religious free. I was speechless! Ever since I had opened my eyes in this world, I've learned no matter which nation, politics is always same. In Tibet, before 1950s there was internal civil war between different sects of Tibetan Buddhism for many centuries. Many orthodox people from Nyigma sect had even been kicked out & abandoned from Tibet by the central government & most of these victims were today's Sharpa people from Nepal. Yes! They were once Tibetan and rightly belongs to Tibet but after religious civil war they left Tibet in early 16th century and wondered around Himalayan mountains for ages until they settled permanently in Nepal. The coolest thing about these Sharpa people is their ancestors had left many mythical tales about the neck of Himalayas for their children which perhaps most average Tibetan people would wish to have. Above all, the tale of seeing Milarepa (the 11th century enlightened saint of Kagyur sect) riding on snow lion in the snow cap mountains was one of my favorite epic.It's also amazing how they had managed to keep their culture & religion strong for many centuries even after been thrown out of their homeland before even Chinese had conquered it. Perhaps everything is fair in politics & war. And it's an on going, never ending battle. Perhaps that's why in order to survive we have to engage in either "politics or religion" to prove our existence.But one thing that my patient has left me wondered is if religion doesn't rule the constitution of their nation then how does it function properly? If that's the case then people like Rupert Murdoch & Abhishek Manu Singhvi has great potential to be their God. Although, the big daddy of media must be already ruling the minds of their children and citizen however they had liked to or told to do so. In an age of money and corporate,everything has been franchised & owned by them, people that we look up to; the leaders and editors are all hiding behind the mask,drinks,and show casting one big dirty picture. In this world of entertainment if we want to avoid the fact that someday we could be another "Rajesh Khanna" too then the only solution is to find god within yourself the sooner the better!!!! Rest, life goes on,,,,,,,,

PS. No matter which direction the earth starts spinning, my only priorities is that may I still be able to continue writing my uncut blog freely as always and make zero typo within a span. :-)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Satyamev Jayate

I just finished watching my Sunday afternoon Amir Khan's show Satyamev Jayate on "Big Fat Indian Wedding." It took me back to my teenage days. How "him" and I are madly in love. We loved each other so much that we had never bothered to get married or even think about getting married. But yes! He did asked me to hold his hands and take him to my mother, to declare our relationship but I wasn't ready, I was too afraid and chicken to face it to my mom. So I lost him forever and I can't blame him for it. We both did the right thing, but one thing for sure his love had showed me the best quality of men. Every single minute, day, night,month, and years, I had been loved. We lived a life of ideal spouse. For me, he was my ideal man but we never crossed our boundary to hurt ourselves. If not for him, today I can never be able to appreciate the best and worst qualities of men. If not for him, today I would had been married to my childhood friend who deleted all the songs from my iPhod without my knowledge and be locked inside the four walls of home where a love married bride will be treated worst then maid servent. If not for him, today I would had been in polygamy marriage. Thank god! For making me "who I'm." No matter what,no women should lie to themselves. To hell with what society thinks; after all I wasn't born in this world to kiss your ass.

An error of two big words..

An error of two big words,,,
One huge world, very little space,,,
too many characters, very little role,,,
begins with "you" and ends with "myself"
Oh Almighty! Why so many rules?
One simple meaning from two different hearts,,,
Love someone because "you love them"
not because "you love yourself."

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Can someone please help Bengal CM MUMTA!!!!

Omg! Bechariiiiii, needs big help on how to have thick skin & to fool viewers or interviewers. I feel sorry for her. She has long way to go,,,
Alright! I'm sure Mayawati is no less then her in terms of dabangiri. She can slap her security guy and make them almost lick her shoes but at least she knows how to play politics safe. Including Sonia Gandhi, these two women always turned down for interview & rather play it safe but Mumta, that too after all that Janta hate,,why did she even agreed to be on prime time? Pity! I guess this is what happens when one lacks brain. I hardly know anything about "A'ma" but at least I haven't heard or seen her given any chance to any of these tv news anchors to make fool out of her. Sad, very sad "Di." All the best of luck to the lady who have came this far at least. God bless!!!! Meanwhile, I had superb lunch with Dikki and love those gifts that she bought me from India. Now it's time to have some fun!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Easy Meat Consumed By Illiterate/Uncivilized Cave Men?

What's the definition of cave men? Men who gives up everything and decides to spend rest of his life in some cave up in remote mountains for world peace or is it the uncivilized men who've no knowledge of the existence of other human culture and knows nothing besides hunting for a piece of flesh?

I wondered????

As time passed,medieval had stormed in & left, followed by both World War I and II. One was an age of human slaughtering where society was ruled by lazy self appointed civil servants. And of course women had very little respect and value in dark age. The only thing we were taught was if women matters it was only their piece of flesh that men lust for and they'll not be spared without any mercy! Men can have any however & whenever they lust for it unless you're the brave Hindu warrior "Jahansi Ki Rani." But by 21st century the cave men had become so wise that they had even start screwing up with other people's territory with countless excuse that they had came up with yet men take so much pride in zero human value. But in an age of millennium, Tibetans had hit 50 years in exile. His Holiness The Dalai Lama celebrated his good 50 years outside his once "isolated home" Tibet. Within that 50 years we are no longer trapped inside the mountains. We've been taught the people in exile are all just as our own brothers and sisters. In fact at homes we were taught how badly we are behind this rat race and by now, within this 50 years our spiritual Guru/Rinpoche has crossed all the oceans and opened the eyes of countless westerners, including many noble families of India, our home away from home. In east,India provide us our newly home, almost as if it's our birth right. Yes call it our KARMA! In the west our spiritual gurus had accepted "white, black, brown" as our own people & taught them our Buddha Dharma. Our parents and gurus had raised us to think "large" in terms of human culture and value. Perhaps that's the only reason to our existence. If it's not the matter of "trust" by now anybody can comfortably say by now we can mingle with any shapes and size. After all I was taught we are all nothing at end and the circle of our birth is rather our "home with one big family with children's of all shades of colors." Within that 50 years, our parents had disciplined themselves so well that most of them even got ride/ over come with their polygamy marriage and we never needed any superstar to desperately show cast it on television to ban such a ancient costume that no longer fits in nor possible to survive in today's highly educated world. Our parents were also well disciplined that they no longer live with their siblings as they did back in dark age. After marriages, they all lived on their own, wherever, however they had liked, on their own feet. Neither we as a child were taught any differently. When our elder sisters get married, we are encouraged to give lots of space to her newly home and family. Yes! That's what being cultured people means in our dictionary. Neither we had any sali/biwi as sexual wedding package jokes nor our parents believed in stalking their married daughters and burning their daughter in law for "wealth." Neither our spiritual gurus had looked at "white" women as easy meat nor the "black and brown" as their slaves and shamelessly make them do things for them. In return, the fair games lies in how much the world has to offer us. Today, we can live everywhere in the world and still be able to enjoy and practice/ follow our own culture, faith and nobody stops us or questions our different identity. Then I wonder what made some of those Asian people from UK target young white women as "easy meat & fair game to sexually assault them." Are these people still too hypocrites or did they took chick flick films like American Pie, American Beauty, and White Chicks too seriously?????? I bet only they knows what was on their head before they got enrolled in jail! If this is the attitude of modern men, then god safe the world. As of us(Tibetans) we had came a long way & thankfully in ordered to be cultured & civilized citizen of this world,our circumstance and cultured parents has taught the fair game of what needs tobe stored and what needs to be recycle from very early age. Rest, sadly still seem to be living in a world of cave men. May someday they open up their eyes & minds to enjoy this beautiful mother nature. After all is there any difference between hell and jail? Perhaps not!

PS. Treat every women as how you like to be treated & well done lady Warsi!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Seriously, I don't know why some people are crazy & dumb to get in to such a mess. Eventually that wasn't even her business or profession as well. I guess, some people take their writing too seriously or was it because of the people she's around that encourage her to get into such a mess. Either way, I still remember my first encounter with her and all I remember was she's full of herself with her blogs and the articles that she write on other people or for other people. From then & there I sensed some serious trouble. Thank god! I don't take twitter or blogging seriously. My only intension to these social network is to write some of my deep philosophy, feelings, & share opinion with my followers. As well as to learn from those intelligent and funny handles who always amuses us with their daily dose of humor. Oh well, I guess everything has limit & I'm glad by now I'm over with it. But feeling sorry for those victims who take their "writing" way too serious & cross all the boundary without any sense of responsibility. I wish god give some brain & wisdom to such a people as well.
Peace out!
PS. My co worker was telling me about her twitter experience & she said, "I only follow celebs & I don't have twitter, is twitter free?"

Now what can I say??

I'm speechless,,,,
I must say ignorant sure is a bless!!!!!

Talking about innocence, it remind me of my year 05, India and Nepal trip. Here are some of the pictures from my cousin sister's school in Nepal. They are all her purana employes children. They are being taken very good care of her, like her own family members. At this young age, they are extremely talented in reading, writing, and sports. Earlier, when I was at home I can hear them reciting their loud english poem all the way up, but as soon as I got ready and went out, they had prepared a traditional Nepali dance number for their (American didi) me ofcourse. Stay tune for the video clip that I uploaded on youtube centuries ago. lol Super cute I must say!!!
                                         (That's me in Salwar, looking just like one of them) :-)
Now, that's a achievement of single woman with heart of ocean and mind/determination of sun! 

Meanwhile, the opposite thinker and bad news of losers can be quoted as: "She who has no respect to doctors and saints; what can she offer her children at their dinner table? Nor health, nor wisdom/class." :(

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy (A'ma) Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day A'ma La,,,, 
Your warm heart has taught me compassion toward others,,,
Your presence and care has protected me like an "Angel" with iron wings,,, 
Your strength and sophisticate has determinate me to be the best with great sense of dignity,,,
Your sharp wisdom and vision has shaped my mind and guided me in this world of bewildered,,,,
Your faith to Buddha Dharma has gifted me the key moral ethics in an age of new millennium,,,,,
Your day is equivalent to my own birthday,,, after all "you" and "your pride" are the reason to my existence. 


Yes! you're the best mother in the entire world<3


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Best facial cream in the world!


From Fair&lovely, Ponds, Clinique, Estee Lauder, or Lancome, I had discovered (Cetaphil) is the best experienced I had so far and I just can't resist. Two years ago when my nephew was just a baby I got in to accident and reside at my sister's place for a month so that they can take good care of me. That's when I start using my nephew's lotion and felt in love with it. It is dermatologist number #1 recommended
but it doesn't belong to mainstream moisturizer categories. They never had so many different varieties of it until now. Earlier it used to be just for the purpose of body lotion, specially for infants that has super sensitive skin. I had started consuming it when they only had only one kind for all the skin types but now, I see that there's one for all kinds of skin type. Over the years I had discovered the secret to its success is its natural substance which lack all those acid and chemical substance that they add while trying to bring out the best out of their product for short term purpose and mainly relates to either to get ride of wrinkles or freckles but who needs those when we haven't even reached that age yet. I pity anybody who consume facial creams like Olay! Yuck!!!! I have a feeling these kind of extremely high advertised cream are good for nothing but to make money out of it. To all those young and gorgeous ladies out there, do check out this cream, I'm sure you'll fall in love with it as much. It's only around $5.00 as well, very reasonable price as well. After it's arrival at my life, I had never once touched those high profile creams from above companies that are still lying uselessly by my bathroom sink. Yes! I did paid 90% more price to those then the one that I'm in love with right now. Ladies shop wisely and hope it will work with you all as much as it did to me. 

PS. I recommended it to my cousin sister who's also nurse from India but she mentioned in India they just can't get it from over the counter yet since it's still under doctor's prescription. So good luck finding it if you're interested.
(A year after Cetaphil ka kamal & me happy; may you get the same result). LOL