Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Uruguay! My new discovery,,,

Yesterday, I met a patient who's from South America but to my surprise I had discovered a new nation (Uruguay). What's more surprising is she told me that the law in Uruguay is "religious free." Schools, government, politics, etc are all religious free. I was speechless! Ever since I had opened my eyes in this world, I've learned no matter which nation, politics is always same. In Tibet, before 1950s there was internal civil war between different sects of Tibetan Buddhism for many centuries. Many orthodox people from Nyigma sect had even been kicked out & abandoned from Tibet by the central government & most of these victims were today's Sharpa people from Nepal. Yes! They were once Tibetan and rightly belongs to Tibet but after religious civil war they left Tibet in early 16th century and wondered around Himalayan mountains for ages until they settled permanently in Nepal. The coolest thing about these Sharpa people is their ancestors had left many mythical tales about the neck of Himalayas for their children which perhaps most average Tibetan people would wish to have. Above all, the tale of seeing Milarepa (the 11th century enlightened saint of Kagyur sect) riding on snow lion in the snow cap mountains was one of my favorite epic.It's also amazing how they had managed to keep their culture & religion strong for many centuries even after been thrown out of their homeland before even Chinese had conquered it. Perhaps everything is fair in politics & war. And it's an on going, never ending battle. Perhaps that's why in order to survive we have to engage in either "politics or religion" to prove our existence.But one thing that my patient has left me wondered is if religion doesn't rule the constitution of their nation then how does it function properly? If that's the case then people like Rupert Murdoch & Abhishek Manu Singhvi has great potential to be their God. Although, the big daddy of media must be already ruling the minds of their children and citizen however they had liked to or told to do so. In an age of money and corporate,everything has been franchised & owned by them, people that we look up to; the leaders and editors are all hiding behind the mask,drinks,and show casting one big dirty picture. In this world of entertainment if we want to avoid the fact that someday we could be another "Rajesh Khanna" too then the only solution is to find god within yourself the sooner the better!!!! Rest, life goes on,,,,,,,,

PS. No matter which direction the earth starts spinning, my only priorities is that may I still be able to continue writing my uncut blog freely as always and make zero typo within a span. :-)

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