Thursday, May 24, 2012


Another rainy day. Loved it yaaar. A visit to mall early in the morning is now equivalent to visiting sabzee mandi. At least I get to flaunt my pink victoria's secret umbrella. On a serious note: There's nothing more beautiful then being a "woman" and smile of "been there; done that."


And I thought about my good friend from boarding school days as well and prayed for her well being. In fact she is the (daughter of well privileged,handsome & extremely educated aristocrat). She studied in Boston University and live there now. Despite the distance we still managed to keep each other up to date! Nature is amazing, there are some people that are extremely over ambitious in terms of "me, me, and more me and even cross the boundary to sleep with her own sister's serious boyfriend." And then, there are some who are deeply trapped in the space of innocence, naive, selfless, extremely intelligent, and complete untouched even in an age of adolescence. Apparently, "she" my friend, holds the latter character. Last time when I talked to her, she's heavily in depression. Specially, after losing her daddy. There seem to be issues after every single words. It is as if there was a lack of wisdom in her upbringing. The innocent soul is not knowing which direction to turn and which way to adopt. Life can be so unfair if one lacks explosion. I can completely feel her pain and the none sense disappointment that I've within myself all turned in to stronger being. In a matter like this we start honoring our own mother for their bundle of wisdom and we also start adoring those mothers who had topped themselves in a list of "most influential women and well traveled." May someday she over come all her hardship and get her knight in shining armor<3

PS. The day when mothers give birth to her children; may she teach her kids an ABC of how to be real men & women rather then this disease called "marriage and wedding."

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