Thursday, May 17, 2012


Seriously, I don't know why some people are crazy & dumb to get in to such a mess. Eventually that wasn't even her business or profession as well. I guess, some people take their writing too seriously or was it because of the people she's around that encourage her to get into such a mess. Either way, I still remember my first encounter with her and all I remember was she's full of herself with her blogs and the articles that she write on other people or for other people. From then & there I sensed some serious trouble. Thank god! I don't take twitter or blogging seriously. My only intension to these social network is to write some of my deep philosophy, feelings, & share opinion with my followers. As well as to learn from those intelligent and funny handles who always amuses us with their daily dose of humor. Oh well, I guess everything has limit & I'm glad by now I'm over with it. But feeling sorry for those victims who take their "writing" way too serious & cross all the boundary without any sense of responsibility. I wish god give some brain & wisdom to such a people as well.
Peace out!
PS. My co worker was telling me about her twitter experience & she said, "I only follow celebs & I don't have twitter, is twitter free?"

Now what can I say??

I'm speechless,,,,
I must say ignorant sure is a bless!!!!!

Talking about innocence, it remind me of my year 05, India and Nepal trip. Here are some of the pictures from my cousin sister's school in Nepal. They are all her purana employes children. They are being taken very good care of her, like her own family members. At this young age, they are extremely talented in reading, writing, and sports. Earlier, when I was at home I can hear them reciting their loud english poem all the way up, but as soon as I got ready and went out, they had prepared a traditional Nepali dance number for their (American didi) me ofcourse. Stay tune for the video clip that I uploaded on youtube centuries ago. lol Super cute I must say!!!
                                         (That's me in Salwar, looking just like one of them) :-)
Now, that's a achievement of single woman with heart of ocean and mind/determination of sun! 

Meanwhile, the opposite thinker and bad news of losers can be quoted as: "She who has no respect to doctors and saints; what can she offer her children at their dinner table? Nor health, nor wisdom/class." :(

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