Saturday, June 30, 2012

Martin Scorsese Baby Kundun After 16 Years!!!!!!!!

This evening I was supposed to go to my neighbor boy's High School graduation party and I missed it because I was working so I didn't get to go with my mom. Any how, this little boy is non other then the boy who played baby (Dalai Lama) in Martin Scorsese 1997 film Kundun, the story of His Holiness The Dali Lama that has won many awards, both oscar and academic. It was just yesterday when he was so little and now all grown up in the picture of his invitation card. Wow! Time sure flies~~~~~
And please do catch the film if you haven't yet. As a Tibetan we do our best to teach others about our unique culture and tradition that has been badly destructed by People's Republic of China during cultural revolution. Thanks for your support to free tibet!
Ignore this lama; this isn't the little boy, it's rather suppose to be grown up Dalai Lama played by Thutop aka Himeesh. lol


Friday, June 29, 2012

I don't wanna wait for our lives to be over???????

"I don't wanna wait for our lives to be over will it be, so will it be,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"

Today, Katie Holmes lawyer disclosed that she's getting a divorce from her famous husband Hollywood's impossible man "Tom Cruise" aka the infamous Akshay Kumar of Bollywood. Apparently, this breaking news did not surprised me at all. And I have no doubt about every inch of their romance and marriage. It happened only because it was mean to be happen. Kate is too good to be true and Tom Cruise is too ambitious to actually make it happen. Honestly speaking I was never a fan of him. Neither he had any charm, nor a decent sense of belonging, apart from an empire of mission impossible and scientology. While we were growing up in the late 90s, Katie Holmes was the spring chicken of our era. She had done her debut in WB hit serial Dawson's Creek and had done full justice to her role as Joyee Potter. Those were the days when we actually had real prime time show with decent background score, another reason to come home from school every evening, just to religiously watch our favorite show. In those days, famous TV stars are nothing more then an annually poster model of teen magazine cover page since the entire media was reserved by a MTV and Grammy awards red carpet queen JLO. More then the divorce, I was surprised in him discovering such a down to earth and well grounded lady from Ohio (who barely gets any media coverage). That too many years after the show had ended. In between all these she always had her ex boyfriend Chris Klein by her side and done couple of awful films, although I thought she had done excellent role in her film "THE ABANDONED." I always felt down the road, her romance and marriage with Tom will not go anywhere, not that they didn't truly love each other but both of them hailed from a complete different background. She came from a highly educated and religious family that perhaps holds extremely strong ethical and moral values. Whereas Tom, by in large he is a famous and wealthy actor but apart from that he's got nothing besides trouble. The trouble of being a head of none existence and self proclaimed (faith) scientology church and leading this non sense to ruin his life and love forever. I bet if anybody truly love each other they had to start from the scratch with bundle of sacrifices. It's simply matter of priorities and choices and there's more to live then marriage. Nothing more or less. And this isn't the case of in laws abusing their newly wed daughter in laws; with that, there's at least a hope of "love" from her husband. But here, it's the matter of spouse not being able to walk together on a same path of "happiness." I'm glad Kate has finally decided to live life in her own terms; just the way she was raised; freely being able to go to church every sunday, bake cookies for her daughter when Tom had choose to rather fall in love with scientology. Bravo! I must say when Reese Witherspoon can call off her marriage with ex hubby Ryan Phillips when he attempt to cheat on her. Why not Kate???? Even if its scientology,,,,, History has it that two different soul/heart with two different moral believes can never be able to function and safely breath under one roof. And it's always better late then never. Somehow, of all these years, with all these high profile images and media attention, somewhere deep down Kate must had always been stuck at where it all began and today what she must had hummed every morning had finally came to an end: "I don't wanna wait for our lives to be over will it be, so will it be," the famous opening theme song of her first ever show.
PS. Katie Holmes must be the only women that had for the first time hit hard hammer on our Tom Cruise.  :( Better luck next time with the package of scientology!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Affordable Care Act!

I have been living in United States ever since I was thirteen and within these 6 presidential years, my nation had experienced many ups and downs but personally politics (Democrat and Republican) parties had never once made a single impact on my life. All thanks to the status of the nation as World's number #1 super power. Although, on a larger scale, the vote bank had always been played by middle class vs rich and I'm sure in a past it did made a huge impact on certain sections and I might be just too young to acknowledge it's political affect. Perhaps, the impact is something I have yet to face, challenge, and experience. The responsibility starts getting heavier as I graduate from college in year 2008. Only then I realized every single law that our president pass makes a huge impact on my life. I had learned that from my first ever real job in my adolescence. At that time I was 21, on a rocking and most romantic relationship with the love of my life. Luckily, I found a job right after my registration exam and I was offered and introduced to all these fancy benefits, health insurance, life insurance, 401k, PETA, etc on my first job interview and had to literally negotiate my salary as well.  I had been living at home since 13 and I found all these kind of strange yet, that was it, I had stepped in to the real world of adults, paying my own bills, purchasing my own health and auto insurance was all great learning experience. As step by step I realized the responsibilities and expense of my living. Although my MBA graduate (bf) had several times attempted to teach me how to manage my budget properly yet the expense was out of control. We as an employee, we had to pay almost one thousand dollar per month just for a single coverage health insurance and nobody can do anything to it. That's the best deal my employer can offer as well and nobody can bring any change to it as well. Although, I can't blame our politician for such a matter yet I was fed up with this expensive healthcare for years after years. Today, after all these years the supreme court had upheld the president Obama's Affordable Care Act and it had completely brought a hope to our nation. Nothing matters more then our health and when there's universal insurance policy like that; it proves that the well being of our citizen comes before anything else. A health care policy where everybody is required to have it at some point of time and nobody will get ripped off just by taking care of their needs and misfortune in being unwell. And it also covers any preexistence condition as well, although I've always been healthy. Until then, its getting very very late here and I had long evening at work as well. Now, I'm off to bed. I'll re read and edit it tomorrow morning if there's any errors.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Good night!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Are indian married men and women easily wooed/fooled?

My cousin sister Dolma hates Indian. Her only reason is that they are "cheap"!
She hardly ever talks to them as well, although I always tell her people are different and it's not good to generalize yet it seem as what she saw at her work place had already formed an idea in her mind which perhaps might never go away. She once told me at the hospital where she works in Manglor, the nurses flirts with their doctors for 24/7 and most of time these doctors are newly married and has a new born babies and wives at home. Many times the nurses also keep the doctors cell phone and check all their text message right in front of all the colleagues. After hearing this it kind of shocked me that such a vulgar behaviors happens at such a high rank institutes. I mean, in US these kind of behaviors happens everyday in White House, Law offices, and also inside the tiny room of journalist but hardly ever at places like "HOSPITAL." Such a behavior will be look down and might perhaps kick them out if ever practiced in hospital setting. Dolma, tells me many times that she can not wait to get out of that nation and always asked me; "sis why the hell you ever want to come to such a third world country?" Oh well, she even told me once she saw this nurse texting her doctor "I LOVE YOU." What the hell??? Seriously, after being on social network for almost a year, I don't blame her. I get to experienced something that perhaps lacks in any other nation. I had been on social network for sometime, but India is the only nation where married men and women flirt with each other openly and not just for a day or couple hours but every single day after day for 24/7. On my head, I always ask, don't they have any children to raise? Don't they have any family business to run? Don't they have any cooking and cleaning that needs to be done? Don't they have any hair falls on their bathroom floor?  Don't they have any desire to go shopping? Don't they have any walking that needs to be done? Don't they have any teaching that needs to be done for their children? Don't they have any traveling that needs to be done? Many times the reason I get on internet is because I'm single and when I'm not working, there's so many things that I can achieve from internet. Often, it's a great stress buster although not by any means to flirt with someone's husband. Yet, I do interact with all kinds of people yet I had always maintained my restriction. In past, I had even warned those who try to cross their limit by sending me over to top romance messages. And I have no intension to have any romance or in search for my groom here as well. Perhaps that's the one reason I had never hesitate what I tweet and write on my blogs. It's my space and nobody has any business to it. And I careless about what I write here and other's opinion on it doesn't matter at all. This is my voice and I'm not here to impress anybody as well. I either make friends or enemy but nothing less or more then that. Other wise, on back of my mind there's always something that I wanted to achieve in my real world when I'm not on internet. I mean, in such a competitive time that we live in right now, there are so many things yet to achieve although I'm still single and independent. Then how the hell some people manage to have so many time for pleasure specially when they have spouse and children as a dependent to them????? And also, don't they have any family business to run? I mean seriously, if that's the condition of India today then it seem as all these daily extramarital might be reason behind their over population or flirting with strangers on internet might be reason behind being a poor third world nation who's fate will be powered and scripted by Rahul Gandhi as PM and Digvijay as his Senapati. :-)
This video is pretty "HILARIOUS."

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Power Of Women Of Substance

(Here, learning the social tales of wealthy and elites of Kalimpong; nothing special).
Disclaimer: I never thought or believed men or women are superior to each other from any angle besides we are both human being. But from day one men had always took heavier responsibility and therefor we had always referred to them as the spine of the family. And the purpose of this blog is to explore an idea of  being a responsible like an ideal man and selfless like an ideal women; nothing more nothing less.... #VICTORY!

I come from a background where women have high and sacred place within the family. While growing up, after the death of my uncle's wife, I've seen my mother who have gracefully raised not just her own but also her own brother's family members as well. My uncle is the only son of my grandmother and he has never once washed his dishes or cooked in his lifetime. I've seen my aunty and her husband gracefully retiring from their century old rug business and went on to study Tibetan Buddhism and excelled up to Acharya degree, now they spends most of their time meditating and working on other's well being by expending their schools and traveling around the glob. None of this would had ever happened if my cousin sister would had never took that heavy responsibility post her high school. She never went to college. In a age of 18, right after her graduation from Central School For Tibetans in Mussoorie, her life shift from carefree girl to a single business women of net worth billion dollars. While my mother had sacrificed all her womanhood in raising two family members, my cousin sister had also sacrificed all her adolescence in work that was passed on from her paternity side. Working day and night in industry like a man, she missed the period where she can have a boyfriend and husband. But I guess these things are worth penny for any {women of substance}. As a teenage, before I stepped out of my high school, one thing my mother had explained over and over again was that "no matter whatever you will be studying one thing needs to be straight that in the end it has to be something that perfectly grounds your livelihood." She mentioned no matter how educated or how much women can achieve; in the end the string of her pride and honor still lies in how well she earns." She said "out in the real world people are different and not as decent, there will be no question that in order to survive either women have to sacrifice her capability and be slave and dependent to her husband or they have to be fully independent and earns well." I've learned from my mother that wealth matters a lot, be it when women gets married to a men or when she's single working women. In both cases, the pride of her upbringing and livelihood still lies in how much she's worth and earns. She said, "many single and educated women who works at underpaid and unstable institute with zero moral towards themselves and others well being are simply good for nothing but fools in the name of modern women." "No strong women will ever fall behind men when it comes to earning as much or raising his children in successful marriage. After all that is the only justice to our achievement, qualification, and credential; "so my little girl may you never be confused." "You either get married or be wise and men enough to have the best career which serves both yourself and other's well being equally." Many of the words my mother said, still strongly glued in my mind which perhaps will never get wash out. From where I came from, the women in my {happy world} had set up such a high expectation that I have no doubt in retaining it's charm, pride, and reputation.

The key to anybody's success lies in the palms of our hand and strength of our mind; neither in selfishness nor in between the legs. Nor politician nor politics of the nation can bring 100 percent changes to anybody's well being unless we give our best! And if you still denial this bitter truth then you're a closet whore.
Certainly, one of the best film on women so far! The power anybody's success first comes from being selfless and awareness towards others well being. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Journey Of A Dream: A Story Of A Heavy Metal Tibetan Refugee

Cover of Times Magazine March 17, 1959
Happy World Refugee Day to all those people who had been the victim of injustice, freedom of speech, religious and human right violation in their home land and took refugee in their neighboring country. When someone decides to adopt such a heavy political responsibilities, the person in power needs to have high moral grounded. Otherwise, many dream and journey of a heavy metal tibetan refugee could never had been possible! Thank You Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru and thank you India. India indeed will be our one and only home away from home where we safely took refugee in early 1950s. Here are some of the pictures and videos of when Tibetans first arrived in India. The pictures are from my school which was one of the first Tibetan school in exile and was founded by Tibetan Princess late Tsering Dolma La and her late husband, later powered by His Holiness The Dalai Lama's Government In Exile. 

Make sure you read the interview of our former Prime Minister Professor Samdhong Rinpoche's interview by star tribune on his presidential farewell visit to all states in America and Canada. 

Nehru teaching ABC of modern world to His Holiness The Dalai Lama, far better then Mao.

From left: Princess Tsering Dolma La and her husband, Founder of SOS, and Dalai Lama's Niece Khando La.
Late Princess Tsering Dolma La and her husband when they were young.
~The Story Of Tibet~

~First generation pictures from our school~
~Tibetan Homes School Mussoorie~ First batch!!!!
Far left on top line is our PaLa Raju! Love him to bits. And far right at front is my uncle Luntok La's buddy. Uncle Luntok La served as His Holiness The Dalai Lama's bodyguard. :-)
Please click the link below and make sure to watch this film and support our cause. 

Now and Then<3

Fine me if you can!!!!

We are the pride of His Holiness The Dalai Lama<3
And we are the best<3

Thank you!
Free Tibet<3

Monday, June 18, 2012

What you eat is who you are!

(His Holiness The Dali Lama with Tibetan children at Birla House in Mussoorie) Circa 1959. Guess what?? Rocky from NDTVGoodtimes show HIGHWAY ON MY PLATE host tag line is "what you eat is who you are." So true, be it the food that we consume or the knowledge, skills, and information that we swallow, share, and preach, makes us who we are." And as a professional we imply these the best we could to our customers and perhaps do it the best as well. What we eat and what we do makes who we are. Otherwise, what is the point in going on fancy date and dinner if we have nothing to flaunt and share about  the things that we take pride in. Unless, it's a time pass date and you are there to talk about current weather status. From a nurse perspective we breath, live, and eat nursing. Things that we preach at hospital to our patients we earned degree to do so with great sense of caring and compassion. Our career doesn't just stay at our work place, it's something we bring home to as well. As much as being a role model to our patient, we also have a role model out in the real world as well. Be it our own physician or any sports personalities. These are the people who represents health and wellness and we take high interest in anybody who practice medicine. There's a reason why we keep ourselves up to date on medicine, there's a reason to why we read, eat, and almost everything that we do which shapes our identity and many times it revolves around what we do as a professionals, students, customers, or patients. No matter which shape or size we are; at the end of day our career shapes who we are. Including the full time mother as well. I'm sure even mother has A to Z list of how things should be done in certain manner. Yet we all do what we are passionate about although it's a different form of "ART." Then interestingly why some journalist fail to meet this criteria? I must say major turn off and disgrace towards their professionalism. I know that in todays world ruled by Robert Murdoch people can't really expect anything from journalist except for their foreign holidays. Yet, we still believe in a fact that not everyone is a owned journalist. Many poor journalist still take high pride in what he/she does the best thought it doesn't feed him well enough. We have great sense of respect towards their knowledge and pen. The things which many of us might not be #aware of yet their sources enlightens us from the things perhaps we might never know of. In this case, politics is what makes world go round and it's also the responsible of almost everything that is happening around the world. Having an interest and knowing about it is almost an equivalent to knowing globally "where we stand right now." The global media takes high interest in Dalai Lama and his current status. They've all studied and know almost anything and everything about his current political status. Not just that, in the west many of them are also amazed by the virtue of his cause. Almost every news channel invite him as possible whenever he's in town. They're all hungry and passionate about their profession that many of them are even willing to drive hours to get to the destination that he is at. Just to learn and engage in what he is all about and what more can they dig to enlightened their career which they take full pride in and be able to share it out to the world. If this is the case of 1st world journalist, then what went wrong with #Indian journalism??????? Do they underestimate his political power just because he lives in some remote mountains of Dharamsala in India or do they lack an art of their professionalism? Or are they simply don't get paid to follow his current affairs? If it's not for HH Dalai Lama; I wonder how do media and journalist view Tibetan cause? Last year did they TROLLED film (Rockstar) director Imtiaz Ali just for their cheap scopes without even any concerned on tibetan issues and causes? Or do they really understand Tibetans cause for Free Tibet? Or was it FAKE support? Or was it lack of knowledge on universal human rights violation? Ummm I wondered!!! I haven't seen a single journalist who is not "INTERESTED" in Dalai Lama and doesn't support the cause of his current political status. Then what has happened to indian journalist??? Why are some running away from him? This indeed doesn't make sense at all and rather proves themselves that they are nothing but "SOLD OUT." SAD! I wonder how do they take pride in their profession when they seem to have zero interest in these matters. Unless some Tibetan burn and bomb themselves; only then they might run to grab the attention and play their role on teveeeee. Dotakayyyyy Ki opportunist some people I tell ya!

I'm writing this because I'm a Tibetan and highly active citizen of world who likes to read and write about anything related to Tibet and Tibetan issues. When there's curiosity, everything that we see, read, and write transforms itself in to a wisdom. Something that the pen of journalism "was" known and honored for. Only then, you can claim you're a true journalist. 

Peace out!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Pa La Father's Day!

Disclaimer: All the incident taken in here are #fact and it wasn't made up or fiction at all. Truth is it wasn't just taken seriously and turn out to be nothing but something to be laughed about. Take it easy in life and "no tension means no headaches." As @DeepakChopra says each stress damages millions of brain cells. So don't worry and be happy!

Dear Daddy,
How come there aren't many men out there who are "men enough" to win both your daughters heart? Perhaps I should have never said; "no matter what I will never ever marry to a man with curly hair or a pot belly." Now the bad karma of poking fun on unattractive men is biting your daughter's ass. :p Sister (Dolma) got married when I was in 9th grade and she was around 17 years old. But sadly, the marriage didn't last although it was a love marriage. They had a grand and fancy ceremony. Today, after 10 long years we are both still eligible and rocking! Acha/sis always told me all those #sadarji jokes that they would always use to amuse/ impress each other had lasted only up till the honeymoon year. Although she never says it but I can still see that she has completely shut herself down. But I do encourage her to be more open but due to the lack of "real men" in this world, now we have lost our interest and faith in men's credibility. Looks like pretty soon we will have to reserve our admission at Ani Gompa (nunnery monastery). Pa La, the tragedy of my life is that I hardly find any men impressive and for some reason I absolutely love poking and irritating them. he he he he If I could reveal my biggest secret to you on this father's day, this is it. The bed news is your younger daughter has turned out to be a big closet tomboy who likes to challenge men and burn their ass off in any given opportunity. I get enormous pleasure from doing so. It isn't like I'm intensionally doing it but it just triggers by it self. Many times, oh how I wished if, if only they can feel the joy of it. If I could count the number of sinus infection that I had given to those men, that too just this year, you probably might get a heart attack up in heaven. An average women puts on mask to impress men but strangely this isn't my cup of tea. I find joy in starting from the scratch. And honestly speaking, I can never be able to sleep in peace if the man I'm sharing bed did not win me over my own game. If not, I had rather be single forever. Last year I rejected 3 arranged marriage proposal but after couple months I met someone that I actually "liked" but mom never accepted the killer affair, I guess I should blame it on her superiority complex. But after many war on it, I had finally gain something out of it. Yippppy she has finally set me free and has gave up on me with this disease called "arrange marriage." There, one thing that you should be proud of me. But don't worry thought I've still managed to keep many men on the waiting list. Trust me none of them are worth my precious time and neither to torture them with my "mean sinus infection behavior", apart from exchanging one or two text message here and there in once a blue moon. Pa La, you left way too early from this world, leaving all of us behind with very little memory. May you RIP and Happy Father's Day to you.  We are both more then fortunate to inherit your kind hearted and charming nature. 
Best Daddy in the entire world! Who always inspired and guided us to be men indeed and yet remained successful father<3 

Match Made In Heaven~~~

Good Morning! Beautiful morning here in Minnesota with sprinkling drops of rain. There was group of 5-10 joggers in our neighborhood, all jogging in the rain. Sexy indeed. Congratulation Pranab Da for presidential post. In a world of opportunity (politics), this #victory must be high light of his career. A very well deserving indeed and good for him. The difference between politician and us normal people is that we achieve and plant our career in our early 20s and they do it in their near to retirement age. While we give up our random time pass social life to built a strong and healthy future. They give up their lives, homes, dignities and families to achieve that one position. Although it might take a lifetime to achieve that one desire yet in the world of opportunity and opportunistic the dangerous game must go on. Many had came and gone, yet "only some" had created an remarkable print in the history of politics. That too within their entire lifespan. Neither they had tolerance for injustice nor they had patience for victory. Today the time has come to an end that if not for our nasty politicians there's no day to day bread and butter for our poor journalist as well. So the bigger the political drama the bigger the opportunity for the journalist as well. Perhaps that's the reason every single people from my family and extended family members had zero interest in their (match made in heaven business) and they had always encourage us to stay away from it. After all, what these people achieve in their near to death, everybody else had silently achieved it in their young age and rofl behind them. The most amusing thing in life is the time pass things that we practice in our social life (gossip, scopes, jokes)  that revolve around our world and reward us with great sense of pleasure and amusement are the virtue of politician and journalist. SAD! :( The cherry on cake sometimes can be how such a thick skin journalist who conquered his social network display picture with just the size of his chubby face, which can be evaluate as adult baby face due it its improper formation shamelessly makes fun on the weight of politician. It's a blessing that I had spent excessive time with my mother while growing up and today as a full fledge adult often I feel like my mother has decided to nestle herself in the mind of her youthful daughter. I'm glad I had been taught to earn by myself without expecting anything from peers and friends. I'm glad I had been taught to  practice good samaritan to others but never to be fooled by them. There's a reason why we dump and disvalue certain people out of our life and still remain happy ever after without them. Perhaps it's not the match that was made in heaven~~~~~~~~ Although "scotch on the rocks" seem to be only trophy and descendent of the journalists and politicians ~match made in heaven.~

PS. Thank You so much to my family members for their extremely strong guidance and wisdom to chose the path of non violence, peace, and happiness. Your strong criticism on average people's morality had set the expectation high within myself and for others.

Blogging is now my new found hobby, here I write everything that I feel strongly about and I have nothing to gain or lose from it. Read, enjoy, and comment if you wish. Nothing more, nothing less. I owe everything to my family and that's all it matters.

Peace out!

Friday, June 15, 2012

An Art Of Dangerous Game!

A brand new Rashtrapati and Saynapati on way for incredible India,,,,,,,,,
I just realized Mulayam Singh Yadav once called Nehru's daughter "deaf doll" just as how someone called his son "Balika Bakra" after becoming CM of one of the most outrageous state in the world.  Karma sure is a bitch I tell ya!!! Let's see who's who in reality,,,, Picture abhi baki hain meri dost!!! Until then get your popcorn ready and enjoy our America's very own dangerous game/stunt MAN ON WIRE!!!!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Forgiveness is virtue of women~

Today I got patched up with my best friend of 14 years after ignoring her for three months. It feels great though. Ever since my birthday, she kept on asking me to find time to go out to celebrate but due to her awful choice in man it had completely turned  me down and I kind of lost faith in her. Honestly speaking I was very disappointed with it but for some reason she won me again. We both work at the same place and therefor, ignoring her isn't really piece of cake but still I had managed to keep my distance and remain "angry" for a while but I guess 14 years is a long time for any relationship to break it off like that. And of all these three months she keep attempting to talk or befriend with me again and constantly asked me to find a time to go out and celebrate my belated birthday although I had successfully refused it all these time yet she never gave up. Today, I finally decided to get over with this nonsense ego trip and became a "woman" for once and listen to what my friend has to say. It indeed felt great at end of shift. Suddenly, on my way to home while driving I realized "kashhhhhhh"only if I would had been this way (mature) little earlier in my life; perhaps I would had been not just the best friend but also a best daughter as well. Now, it amuses me that how I used to run over to my mother for every single tension in my life. There's no doubt I had been doctorate by my mother and there is nothing wrong with that. After all, any mother has the right to own their children but when parents are extremely over protective; they are also over shadowing the opportunity for their girls to be a women at the same time as well. Perhaps that's why "tiger moms" are good combination with their sons; they can successfully apply their "soccer mom" parenting skill on them and it seems to work pretty well. When I said women, it goes beyond being able to just give birth and etc. Neither does it had anything to do with being a pro intellectual, pro feminist nonsense like Taslima Nasrin and disgrace the existence of men. 

P.S. In an age of Millennium; USA's famous neurologist Deepak Chopra's "Cosmic Consciousness" is like Raj Kapoor's outstanding yet #flop film "Mera Naam Joker" from 60s that had only been understood and liked by millions after five long decades. Crazy! On that note: enjoy this mind blowing song............

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Seeta Aur Geeta Peer Pressure

Another challenging day at work and no doubt love it! It is my weekend to work for double duty as well. :p Often it scares me to death that if people from my cyber  (Geeta) world will ever accidently see my very own (Seeta avatar), and "no" not the one in saree but scrub. ha ha lol Many times I get that feeling after when I show my fun party pictures to my colleagues, and their first reaction is always "OMG IS THAT REALLY YOU?" :0 As if I had just showed them a picture of my twin. lol On a serious note I never understood why most normal people are afraid of hospitals,,,,,,And often they complain about the smell as well. What the hell? By now, I'm already in love with it. Judging by other people's opinion on hospital; it is for sure the last place that they would want to be and fortunately, that's where I go to work everyday without any fear. With this reality, it often comforts me that there's nothing I'm scared of in life, nothing, not even my death. One thing is for sure that we had to work hard. All day moving patients here and there, administrating pills every 4 hours, standing on our feet, documenting paper works after paper works. By the end of shift all my brain cell gets assassinates and post duty there'll be hardly any room left to "think properly" yet from the bottom of my heart I can proudly say I love it. I have no doubt or  any dissatisfaction in my life right now. The fact that we get burned out at times can be easily rebooted by getting good 8 hours of sleep,,,,,,,,,on that note I'm going to be off to bed. Good night! 
(My Seeta avatar post duty) Got to love my lime green scrubs though. :-)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Tibetan Fashionista!

This blog was inspired by my cousin sisters high school prom night! I absolutely loved her dress and it kind of gave me nostalgic about my pampering days! The first picture on top was indeed on Valentine's Day! And "NO" I never went to prom. It was back in the tender age yet in college; I was around 17, rest of the pictures were in my early and mid 20s. Time flies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
Two of my favorite Rani and Kajol, guess how much I paid for the black dress in 2nd pic? Only $14.00 and the 3rd one is from Victoria's Secret and was also around $40.00 and the last two where also around $20.00 But mind ya that we still love both of you as much. 
Lhamo's prom night in land of cream cheese Philly! Isn't she gorgeous? 
                          The pride of Philadelphia's cream cheese on very very creamy & sexy dress<3

The tattoo on her back says "lay gyum day" meaning "Karma" in Tibetan! Wow! Can't believe she had decided to tattoo such a BIG word! Impressive little girl.

Good night and live your life just the way you wanted with great sense of dignity, pride and sincerity!