Friday, June 1, 2012

{ Saka-Dawa: Month Of Merits}

Good Morning!
As always mom had been off to reside (live) at temple until the end of 15th day; to meditate and retreat with her gangs of spiritual girlfriends for Saka Dawa. At temple it's going to be strict diet with lots of prayers for all of us. Saka Dawa is the last day of the 15th and Lord Buddha had born, died, enlightened, all at the exact same auspicious date. For some reason I have nothing special to write about Saka Dawa since by nature all the other religions also promotes same message and merits. And by now, all these should be simply just a common sense. I'm just so blessed that for me and my family, everyday is just as much important as Saka Dawa. Thankfully, our home has remained "sacred" not just for month or day but "everyday." The discipline at our home is her dedication to the teachings of Lord Buddha. May I be able to successfully follow her footsteps. Only then I'll safely reach my destination with bundle of joys and memories. Btw the level of people's assumption and false outrage, or their misperception is pretty ROFLMAO worthy!

"Karam Kar, Fal Ki Apeksha Mat Kar."

"Om Mani Padmai Hum" to all those who lost their lives in Doon Express.

I wish I can find all those gorgeous pictures that I took at famous Japanese Buddhist Temple in Hawaii 9 years ago, surrounded by magnificent tall and green mountains, very much different from any other mountains in the world, that too within Island. 

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