Monday, June 18, 2012

What you eat is who you are!

(His Holiness The Dali Lama with Tibetan children at Birla House in Mussoorie) Circa 1959. Guess what?? Rocky from NDTVGoodtimes show HIGHWAY ON MY PLATE host tag line is "what you eat is who you are." So true, be it the food that we consume or the knowledge, skills, and information that we swallow, share, and preach, makes us who we are." And as a professional we imply these the best we could to our customers and perhaps do it the best as well. What we eat and what we do makes who we are. Otherwise, what is the point in going on fancy date and dinner if we have nothing to flaunt and share about  the things that we take pride in. Unless, it's a time pass date and you are there to talk about current weather status. From a nurse perspective we breath, live, and eat nursing. Things that we preach at hospital to our patients we earned degree to do so with great sense of caring and compassion. Our career doesn't just stay at our work place, it's something we bring home to as well. As much as being a role model to our patient, we also have a role model out in the real world as well. Be it our own physician or any sports personalities. These are the people who represents health and wellness and we take high interest in anybody who practice medicine. There's a reason why we keep ourselves up to date on medicine, there's a reason to why we read, eat, and almost everything that we do which shapes our identity and many times it revolves around what we do as a professionals, students, customers, or patients. No matter which shape or size we are; at the end of day our career shapes who we are. Including the full time mother as well. I'm sure even mother has A to Z list of how things should be done in certain manner. Yet we all do what we are passionate about although it's a different form of "ART." Then interestingly why some journalist fail to meet this criteria? I must say major turn off and disgrace towards their professionalism. I know that in todays world ruled by Robert Murdoch people can't really expect anything from journalist except for their foreign holidays. Yet, we still believe in a fact that not everyone is a owned journalist. Many poor journalist still take high pride in what he/she does the best thought it doesn't feed him well enough. We have great sense of respect towards their knowledge and pen. The things which many of us might not be #aware of yet their sources enlightens us from the things perhaps we might never know of. In this case, politics is what makes world go round and it's also the responsible of almost everything that is happening around the world. Having an interest and knowing about it is almost an equivalent to knowing globally "where we stand right now." The global media takes high interest in Dalai Lama and his current status. They've all studied and know almost anything and everything about his current political status. Not just that, in the west many of them are also amazed by the virtue of his cause. Almost every news channel invite him as possible whenever he's in town. They're all hungry and passionate about their profession that many of them are even willing to drive hours to get to the destination that he is at. Just to learn and engage in what he is all about and what more can they dig to enlightened their career which they take full pride in and be able to share it out to the world. If this is the case of 1st world journalist, then what went wrong with #Indian journalism??????? Do they underestimate his political power just because he lives in some remote mountains of Dharamsala in India or do they lack an art of their professionalism? Or are they simply don't get paid to follow his current affairs? If it's not for HH Dalai Lama; I wonder how do media and journalist view Tibetan cause? Last year did they TROLLED film (Rockstar) director Imtiaz Ali just for their cheap scopes without even any concerned on tibetan issues and causes? Or do they really understand Tibetans cause for Free Tibet? Or was it FAKE support? Or was it lack of knowledge on universal human rights violation? Ummm I wondered!!! I haven't seen a single journalist who is not "INTERESTED" in Dalai Lama and doesn't support the cause of his current political status. Then what has happened to indian journalist??? Why are some running away from him? This indeed doesn't make sense at all and rather proves themselves that they are nothing but "SOLD OUT." SAD! I wonder how do they take pride in their profession when they seem to have zero interest in these matters. Unless some Tibetan burn and bomb themselves; only then they might run to grab the attention and play their role on teveeeee. Dotakayyyyy Ki opportunist some people I tell ya!

I'm writing this because I'm a Tibetan and highly active citizen of world who likes to read and write about anything related to Tibet and Tibetan issues. When there's curiosity, everything that we see, read, and write transforms itself in to a wisdom. Something that the pen of journalism "was" known and honored for. Only then, you can claim you're a true journalist. 

Peace out!

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