Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tibetan Balika Vadhu

Tibetan Balika Vadhu! 
Circa 1959, Darjeeling!
Young married princess from Tibet<3

Today I saw the glimpse of Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee celebration on the news and simply loved her outfit. Nothing more nothing less but I think it's the color that did it apart from her not so extravagant hat. My grandmother once told me the day she relocated herself in Nepal, it was the last day she went to bed with her traditional "headgear on"; the one that has countless corals embedded on it. Back in Tibet, all the women in her household had put on everything that they had owned for generations after generations. Specially, when they had nothing to do, so day in and out they kept themselves occupied in grooming in very extravagantly and spent rest of the day providing hot meals to her large family members. And that was her life; a life of picnic! The life that she was fortunate to have; yet tightly sealed and protected by the snow capped mighty Himalayas. On the outer surface of that buffer zone; the world had broke in to pieces yet my grandmother had yet to free herself from the life of extravagant. By the time when she lived in Nepal, it was very hard for her to leave the house without her hat or scarf on. Many times she would complain that it's the cool air that tend to give her headache and is extremely intolerable. To think of it now I don't blame her, specially when she had spent over 6 decades of her life with something on her head for 24/7, that too with great sense of dignity and pride. As a child we used to get amuse of her behaviors but to think of it now as an adult, everything that my grandmother had done was nothing but simply a humble sense of ~REGAL~
Painting of Miss. Zinta in extravagant tibetan traditional dress.
                                                          Mom in her village extravagant avatar<3
 There was some gap between mom and my grandmother; thankfully she didn't wear her traditional headgear for 24/7 but look at me,,,,,, I have no energy and time in any of these extravagant grooming and neither does the fresh air give me any headaches!!! ha ha ha
 But I must say these village traditionals are very beautiful no doubt. Nothing but a complete ditto Tibetan Balika Vadhu style. These are some facts about my Tibet and Tibetan culture. I hope you liked it because I love everything about my Tibet<3

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