Sunday, June 10, 2012

Forgiveness is virtue of women~

Today I got patched up with my best friend of 14 years after ignoring her for three months. It feels great though. Ever since my birthday, she kept on asking me to find time to go out to celebrate but due to her awful choice in man it had completely turned  me down and I kind of lost faith in her. Honestly speaking I was very disappointed with it but for some reason she won me again. We both work at the same place and therefor, ignoring her isn't really piece of cake but still I had managed to keep my distance and remain "angry" for a while but I guess 14 years is a long time for any relationship to break it off like that. And of all these three months she keep attempting to talk or befriend with me again and constantly asked me to find a time to go out and celebrate my belated birthday although I had successfully refused it all these time yet she never gave up. Today, I finally decided to get over with this nonsense ego trip and became a "woman" for once and listen to what my friend has to say. It indeed felt great at end of shift. Suddenly, on my way to home while driving I realized "kashhhhhhh"only if I would had been this way (mature) little earlier in my life; perhaps I would had been not just the best friend but also a best daughter as well. Now, it amuses me that how I used to run over to my mother for every single tension in my life. There's no doubt I had been doctorate by my mother and there is nothing wrong with that. After all, any mother has the right to own their children but when parents are extremely over protective; they are also over shadowing the opportunity for their girls to be a women at the same time as well. Perhaps that's why "tiger moms" are good combination with their sons; they can successfully apply their "soccer mom" parenting skill on them and it seems to work pretty well. When I said women, it goes beyond being able to just give birth and etc. Neither does it had anything to do with being a pro intellectual, pro feminist nonsense like Taslima Nasrin and disgrace the existence of men. 

P.S. In an age of Millennium; USA's famous neurologist Deepak Chopra's "Cosmic Consciousness" is like Raj Kapoor's outstanding yet #flop film "Mera Naam Joker" from 60s that had only been understood and liked by millions after five long decades. Crazy! On that note: enjoy this mind blowing song............

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