Saturday, June 9, 2012

Seeta Aur Geeta Peer Pressure

Another challenging day at work and no doubt love it! It is my weekend to work for double duty as well. :p Often it scares me to death that if people from my cyber  (Geeta) world will ever accidently see my very own (Seeta avatar), and "no" not the one in saree but scrub. ha ha lol Many times I get that feeling after when I show my fun party pictures to my colleagues, and their first reaction is always "OMG IS THAT REALLY YOU?" :0 As if I had just showed them a picture of my twin. lol On a serious note I never understood why most normal people are afraid of hospitals,,,,,,And often they complain about the smell as well. What the hell? By now, I'm already in love with it. Judging by other people's opinion on hospital; it is for sure the last place that they would want to be and fortunately, that's where I go to work everyday without any fear. With this reality, it often comforts me that there's nothing I'm scared of in life, nothing, not even my death. One thing is for sure that we had to work hard. All day moving patients here and there, administrating pills every 4 hours, standing on our feet, documenting paper works after paper works. By the end of shift all my brain cell gets assassinates and post duty there'll be hardly any room left to "think properly" yet from the bottom of my heart I can proudly say I love it. I have no doubt or  any dissatisfaction in my life right now. The fact that we get burned out at times can be easily rebooted by getting good 8 hours of sleep,,,,,,,,,on that note I'm going to be off to bed. Good night! 
(My Seeta avatar post duty) Got to love my lime green scrubs though. :-)

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