Sunday, June 3, 2012

Trick or Treat??????

It is certainly that time of year when I had bravely drank a can of coke over milk or orange juice with my pizza dinner today! Ahhhhh what a treat! Although it happens only once a year yet the pleasure that it brought to my tongue is still speechless and no words about the caffeine that had kicked me so hard that I'm still wide awake passed my bed time. I wonder how do those unhealthy people cope with such a toxin in their system regularly. Specially, those who drink mountain dew and hardcore liquor. Yuck! Ironically, one of my patient's seemed to be doing better with her health, so two days ago I encouraged her to be more active and showered her with some compliments on how well she's doing. She was extremely happy and she proudly started smoking the next day to prove that she is back to normal! What the hell????? Now, that's what we call "laloo" right? This just proves the addiction to some pleasures can lead to idiocy.
PS: trick or treat {{{{Mexican}}}} is the best<3
Good Night~

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