Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I have a tale but don't be jealous!

My mother told me this interesting story about my soon to be mother in law's "home." The home that she left when she got married off and moved in to exile after some years. But there is a twist; in order to understand the family relations between (my) mother in law and (my mother's) mother in law because ultimately they have both roots back to same tree. It involves seeds of two generation; so stay focus and don't get mixed up or jealous if it sounds too good to be true. At the end it is bygone and nothing more then a tale; you may call it a fairy tale or a folklore. This epic must had influenced or impacted my soon to be husband's ancestors but it certainly has nothing to gain or lose to us in our lifetime. Except to respect and honor the blue blood that they have passed on to my future child.