Saturday, June 16, 2012

Match Made In Heaven~~~

Good Morning! Beautiful morning here in Minnesota with sprinkling drops of rain. There was group of 5-10 joggers in our neighborhood, all jogging in the rain. Sexy indeed. Congratulation Pranab Da for presidential post. In a world of opportunity (politics), this #victory must be high light of his career. A very well deserving indeed and good for him. The difference between politician and us normal people is that we achieve and plant our career in our early 20s and they do it in their near to retirement age. While we give up our random time pass social life to built a strong and healthy future. They give up their lives, homes, dignities and families to achieve that one position. Although it might take a lifetime to achieve that one desire yet in the world of opportunity and opportunistic the dangerous game must go on. Many had came and gone, yet "only some" had created an remarkable print in the history of politics. That too within their entire lifespan. Neither they had tolerance for injustice nor they had patience for victory. Today the time has come to an end that if not for our nasty politicians there's no day to day bread and butter for our poor journalist as well. So the bigger the political drama the bigger the opportunity for the journalist as well. Perhaps that's the reason every single people from my family and extended family members had zero interest in their (match made in heaven business) and they had always encourage us to stay away from it. After all, what these people achieve in their near to death, everybody else had silently achieved it in their young age and rofl behind them. The most amusing thing in life is the time pass things that we practice in our social life (gossip, scopes, jokes)  that revolve around our world and reward us with great sense of pleasure and amusement are the virtue of politician and journalist. SAD! :( The cherry on cake sometimes can be how such a thick skin journalist who conquered his social network display picture with just the size of his chubby face, which can be evaluate as adult baby face due it its improper formation shamelessly makes fun on the weight of politician. It's a blessing that I had spent excessive time with my mother while growing up and today as a full fledge adult often I feel like my mother has decided to nestle herself in the mind of her youthful daughter. I'm glad I had been taught to earn by myself without expecting anything from peers and friends. I'm glad I had been taught to  practice good samaritan to others but never to be fooled by them. There's a reason why we dump and disvalue certain people out of our life and still remain happy ever after without them. Perhaps it's not the match that was made in heaven~~~~~~~~ Although "scotch on the rocks" seem to be only trophy and descendent of the journalists and politicians ~match made in heaven.~

PS. Thank You so much to my family members for their extremely strong guidance and wisdom to chose the path of non violence, peace, and happiness. Your strong criticism on average people's morality had set the expectation high within myself and for others.

Blogging is now my new found hobby, here I write everything that I feel strongly about and I have nothing to gain or lose from it. Read, enjoy, and comment if you wish. Nothing more, nothing less. I owe everything to my family and that's all it matters.

Peace out!

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