Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Power Of Women Of Substance

(Here, learning the social tales of wealthy and elites of Kalimpong; nothing special).
Disclaimer: I never thought or believed men or women are superior to each other from any angle besides we are both human being. But from day one men had always took heavier responsibility and therefor we had always referred to them as the spine of the family. And the purpose of this blog is to explore an idea of  being a responsible like an ideal man and selfless like an ideal women; nothing more nothing less.... #VICTORY!

I come from a background where women have high and sacred place within the family. While growing up, after the death of my uncle's wife, I've seen my mother who have gracefully raised not just her own but also her own brother's family members as well. My uncle is the only son of my grandmother and he has never once washed his dishes or cooked in his lifetime. I've seen my aunty and her husband gracefully retiring from their century old rug business and went on to study Tibetan Buddhism and excelled up to Acharya degree, now they spends most of their time meditating and working on other's well being by expending their schools and traveling around the glob. None of this would had ever happened if my cousin sister would had never took that heavy responsibility post her high school. She never went to college. In a age of 18, right after her graduation from Central School For Tibetans in Mussoorie, her life shift from carefree girl to a single business women of net worth billion dollars. While my mother had sacrificed all her womanhood in raising two family members, my cousin sister had also sacrificed all her adolescence in work that was passed on from her paternity side. Working day and night in industry like a man, she missed the period where she can have a boyfriend and husband. But I guess these things are worth penny for any {women of substance}. As a teenage, before I stepped out of my high school, one thing my mother had explained over and over again was that "no matter whatever you will be studying one thing needs to be straight that in the end it has to be something that perfectly grounds your livelihood." She mentioned no matter how educated or how much women can achieve; in the end the string of her pride and honor still lies in how well she earns." She said "out in the real world people are different and not as decent, there will be no question that in order to survive either women have to sacrifice her capability and be slave and dependent to her husband or they have to be fully independent and earns well." I've learned from my mother that wealth matters a lot, be it when women gets married to a men or when she's single working women. In both cases, the pride of her upbringing and livelihood still lies in how much she's worth and earns. She said, "many single and educated women who works at underpaid and unstable institute with zero moral towards themselves and others well being are simply good for nothing but fools in the name of modern women." "No strong women will ever fall behind men when it comes to earning as much or raising his children in successful marriage. After all that is the only justice to our achievement, qualification, and credential; "so my little girl may you never be confused." "You either get married or be wise and men enough to have the best career which serves both yourself and other's well being equally." Many of the words my mother said, still strongly glued in my mind which perhaps will never get wash out. From where I came from, the women in my {happy world} had set up such a high expectation that I have no doubt in retaining it's charm, pride, and reputation.

The key to anybody's success lies in the palms of our hand and strength of our mind; neither in selfishness nor in between the legs. Nor politician nor politics of the nation can bring 100 percent changes to anybody's well being unless we give our best! And if you still denial this bitter truth then you're a closet whore.
Certainly, one of the best film on women so far! The power anybody's success first comes from being selfless and awareness towards others well being. 

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