Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Are indian married men and women easily wooed/fooled?

My cousin sister Dolma hates Indian. Her only reason is that they are "cheap"!
She hardly ever talks to them as well, although I always tell her people are different and it's not good to generalize yet it seem as what she saw at her work place had already formed an idea in her mind which perhaps might never go away. She once told me at the hospital where she works in Manglor, the nurses flirts with their doctors for 24/7 and most of time these doctors are newly married and has a new born babies and wives at home. Many times the nurses also keep the doctors cell phone and check all their text message right in front of all the colleagues. After hearing this it kind of shocked me that such a vulgar behaviors happens at such a high rank institutes. I mean, in US these kind of behaviors happens everyday in White House, Law offices, and also inside the tiny room of journalist but hardly ever at places like "HOSPITAL." Such a behavior will be look down and might perhaps kick them out if ever practiced in hospital setting. Dolma, tells me many times that she can not wait to get out of that nation and always asked me; "sis why the hell you ever want to come to such a third world country?" Oh well, she even told me once she saw this nurse texting her doctor "I LOVE YOU." What the hell??? Seriously, after being on social network for almost a year, I don't blame her. I get to experienced something that perhaps lacks in any other nation. I had been on social network for sometime, but India is the only nation where married men and women flirt with each other openly and not just for a day or couple hours but every single day after day for 24/7. On my head, I always ask, don't they have any children to raise? Don't they have any family business to run? Don't they have any cooking and cleaning that needs to be done? Don't they have any hair falls on their bathroom floor?  Don't they have any desire to go shopping? Don't they have any walking that needs to be done? Don't they have any teaching that needs to be done for their children? Don't they have any traveling that needs to be done? Many times the reason I get on internet is because I'm single and when I'm not working, there's so many things that I can achieve from internet. Often, it's a great stress buster although not by any means to flirt with someone's husband. Yet, I do interact with all kinds of people yet I had always maintained my restriction. In past, I had even warned those who try to cross their limit by sending me over to top romance messages. And I have no intension to have any romance or in search for my groom here as well. Perhaps that's the one reason I had never hesitate what I tweet and write on my blogs. It's my space and nobody has any business to it. And I careless about what I write here and other's opinion on it doesn't matter at all. This is my voice and I'm not here to impress anybody as well. I either make friends or enemy but nothing less or more then that. Other wise, on back of my mind there's always something that I wanted to achieve in my real world when I'm not on internet. I mean, in such a competitive time that we live in right now, there are so many things yet to achieve although I'm still single and independent. Then how the hell some people manage to have so many time for pleasure specially when they have spouse and children as a dependent to them????? And also, don't they have any family business to run? I mean seriously, if that's the condition of India today then it seem as all these daily extramarital might be reason behind their over population or flirting with strangers on internet might be reason behind being a poor third world nation who's fate will be powered and scripted by Rahul Gandhi as PM and Digvijay as his Senapati. :-)
This video is pretty "HILARIOUS."

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