Friday, June 8, 2012

Tibetan Fashionista!

This blog was inspired by my cousin sisters high school prom night! I absolutely loved her dress and it kind of gave me nostalgic about my pampering days! The first picture on top was indeed on Valentine's Day! And "NO" I never went to prom. It was back in the tender age yet in college; I was around 17, rest of the pictures were in my early and mid 20s. Time flies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
Two of my favorite Rani and Kajol, guess how much I paid for the black dress in 2nd pic? Only $14.00 and the 3rd one is from Victoria's Secret and was also around $40.00 and the last two where also around $20.00 But mind ya that we still love both of you as much. 
Lhamo's prom night in land of cream cheese Philly! Isn't she gorgeous? 
                          The pride of Philadelphia's cream cheese on very very creamy & sexy dress<3

The tattoo on her back says "lay gyum day" meaning "Karma" in Tibetan! Wow! Can't believe she had decided to tattoo such a BIG word! Impressive little girl.

Good night and live your life just the way you wanted with great sense of dignity, pride and sincerity! 

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