Sunday, May 20, 2012

Satyamev Jayate

I just finished watching my Sunday afternoon Amir Khan's show Satyamev Jayate on "Big Fat Indian Wedding." It took me back to my teenage days. How "him" and I are madly in love. We loved each other so much that we had never bothered to get married or even think about getting married. But yes! He did asked me to hold his hands and take him to my mother, to declare our relationship but I wasn't ready, I was too afraid and chicken to face it to my mom. So I lost him forever and I can't blame him for it. We both did the right thing, but one thing for sure his love had showed me the best quality of men. Every single minute, day, night,month, and years, I had been loved. We lived a life of ideal spouse. For me, he was my ideal man but we never crossed our boundary to hurt ourselves. If not for him, today I can never be able to appreciate the best and worst qualities of men. If not for him, today I would had been married to my childhood friend who deleted all the songs from my iPhod without my knowledge and be locked inside the four walls of home where a love married bride will be treated worst then maid servent. If not for him, today I would had been in polygamy marriage. Thank god! For making me "who I'm." No matter what,no women should lie to themselves. To hell with what society thinks; after all I wasn't born in this world to kiss your ass.

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