Monday, May 28, 2012

ABCD of trust worthy and Bitches from world of garbage!

"That awkward moment when Sajed Khan & Fara Khan scratches their head and thinks hard on why they're such a losers???"

Whore and bitches comes with one piece Salwar Kurta & Sari not on fashionable jean pants and silk top. Yes! Abhishek Manu Singhvi's bitch the lawyer wasn't on party dress. :-)

"Thank god I was always right." There's a reason how we respond to certain people on what they say. We treat them as what they deserve. No doubt disrespect them as well if they try to make "you subject to ego massage their friends" by the line of compliment or sweet words. It's their "intension" which kills them. Just like a negative vibe that many young teenagers carries on their shoulders even though by age they could be parent of some teenager. People's judgement has a lot to do with the background that they come from. No matter how far they had studied but the true color of their dirty blood can never be resist from them. At end they'll only know how much the world of garbage has offered them. It's pity that they'll never know the truth even after their dead, rotten life. The difference between normal people and "fraud" lies within their loyalty not just to others but to themselves as well. I've grown up with the phase if any parents can raise their children to be solid trust worthy, not just the kids but many generation down the line can also benefit from it in their well being as well. That includes, being honest not just to the parents or family members but to their peers and friends as well. For many these kind of idealism is simply bullshit because without any doubt these people rightfully proves rest of the people in this world are assholes just as much as themselves. Perhaps that's the reason why many good people expects only good things from the world. In reality, it doesn't really matter who's trust worthy or not, specially when you've no business with them but apparently people that are "not trust worthy" always leaves you with bad impression. An impression of fraud, cruel, and selfishness. That's for sure!!!!! Many times you get that sense only after how they perceive things incorrectly. For a female insecure bitches there is no place or can even be in reach of someone like "Raj Kundar" "Rahul Dravid" or "Ness Wadia like" love life that in their world of cynicism a trust worthy, rich, and handsome men can be desperately and badly misperceived or replaced as some losers from their childhood village that any decent and normal man reminds them of one of those desperate and lowly men from their poor background. Pity! And they never bother to ask questions or even know the existence of word "doubt." Neither did they ever experience anything sweet and satisfaction. For them they have no knowledge or experience of classy and fancy living/ relationship. All they've is just as poor starving girl off the street, nothing but hunger for good looking, shinny, and superficial glamorous men with zero value and respect to the men from their hood, even if it's their poor father. To them it's either Rajesh Khanna, Saif Ali Khan, or Alok Nath that had shaped the definition of their ideal men and has successfully attracted them. Where first one is too carton for his age, second one is too elite to be noble, third one is too good to be molester. Though these men of their dreams can be perfect example of desperation, idiots, and perverts yet they rather pick and prejudice a soft and simple target. What the bitch don't know is half of the married men are equally desperate in disguise of cool cats mask or thick skin. In hospital industry we call it blame game. Often, we consider them as "insecure and not trust worthy." There's definitely many reasons we look down on such a people. I guess it's the virtue of their "negative intension" which turns people down. Perhaps that's why simple and carefree people hardly ever puts us in doubt and always remain transparent and joyful. At end, the courtesy to faith and trust worthy is as much important as a "good behavior." Unless we are all brainless creatures.

PS. Everyday I try to think of one single fault of my ex which could really piss me off or make me lose faith in stranger; this includes both verbally and physically and the good news is I still can't find one. I feel extremely proud and fortunate of myself and in a way I was brought up. "Happy Memorial Day." Salute to all the great and brave souls. Real men never sits and gossip with cheap, third class women and giggles, unless being impotent is their profession..

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