Saturday, May 19, 2012

Can someone please help Bengal CM MUMTA!!!!

Omg! Bechariiiiii, needs big help on how to have thick skin & to fool viewers or interviewers. I feel sorry for her. She has long way to go,,,
Alright! I'm sure Mayawati is no less then her in terms of dabangiri. She can slap her security guy and make them almost lick her shoes but at least she knows how to play politics safe. Including Sonia Gandhi, these two women always turned down for interview & rather play it safe but Mumta, that too after all that Janta hate,,why did she even agreed to be on prime time? Pity! I guess this is what happens when one lacks brain. I hardly know anything about "A'ma" but at least I haven't heard or seen her given any chance to any of these tv news anchors to make fool out of her. Sad, very sad "Di." All the best of luck to the lady who have came this far at least. God bless!!!! Meanwhile, I had superb lunch with Dikki and love those gifts that she bought me from India. Now it's time to have some fun!

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