Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Best facial cream in the world!


From Fair&lovely, Ponds, Clinique, Estee Lauder, or Lancome, I had discovered (Cetaphil) is the best experienced I had so far and I just can't resist. Two years ago when my nephew was just a baby I got in to accident and reside at my sister's place for a month so that they can take good care of me. That's when I start using my nephew's lotion and felt in love with it. It is dermatologist number #1 recommended
but it doesn't belong to mainstream moisturizer categories. They never had so many different varieties of it until now. Earlier it used to be just for the purpose of body lotion, specially for infants that has super sensitive skin. I had started consuming it when they only had only one kind for all the skin types but now, I see that there's one for all kinds of skin type. Over the years I had discovered the secret to its success is its natural substance which lack all those acid and chemical substance that they add while trying to bring out the best out of their product for short term purpose and mainly relates to either to get ride of wrinkles or freckles but who needs those when we haven't even reached that age yet. I pity anybody who consume facial creams like Olay! Yuck!!!! I have a feeling these kind of extremely high advertised cream are good for nothing but to make money out of it. To all those young and gorgeous ladies out there, do check out this cream, I'm sure you'll fall in love with it as much. It's only around $5.00 as well, very reasonable price as well. After it's arrival at my life, I had never once touched those high profile creams from above companies that are still lying uselessly by my bathroom sink. Yes! I did paid 90% more price to those then the one that I'm in love with right now. Ladies shop wisely and hope it will work with you all as much as it did to me. 

PS. I recommended it to my cousin sister who's also nurse from India but she mentioned in India they just can't get it from over the counter yet since it's still under doctor's prescription. So good luck finding it if you're interested.
(A year after Cetaphil ka kamal & me happy; may you get the same result). LOL

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