Friday, May 18, 2012

Easy Meat Consumed By Illiterate/Uncivilized Cave Men?

What's the definition of cave men? Men who gives up everything and decides to spend rest of his life in some cave up in remote mountains for world peace or is it the uncivilized men who've no knowledge of the existence of other human culture and knows nothing besides hunting for a piece of flesh?

I wondered????

As time passed,medieval had stormed in & left, followed by both World War I and II. One was an age of human slaughtering where society was ruled by lazy self appointed civil servants. And of course women had very little respect and value in dark age. The only thing we were taught was if women matters it was only their piece of flesh that men lust for and they'll not be spared without any mercy! Men can have any however & whenever they lust for it unless you're the brave Hindu warrior "Jahansi Ki Rani." But by 21st century the cave men had become so wise that they had even start screwing up with other people's territory with countless excuse that they had came up with yet men take so much pride in zero human value. But in an age of millennium, Tibetans had hit 50 years in exile. His Holiness The Dalai Lama celebrated his good 50 years outside his once "isolated home" Tibet. Within that 50 years we are no longer trapped inside the mountains. We've been taught the people in exile are all just as our own brothers and sisters. In fact at homes we were taught how badly we are behind this rat race and by now, within this 50 years our spiritual Guru/Rinpoche has crossed all the oceans and opened the eyes of countless westerners, including many noble families of India, our home away from home. In east,India provide us our newly home, almost as if it's our birth right. Yes call it our KARMA! In the west our spiritual gurus had accepted "white, black, brown" as our own people & taught them our Buddha Dharma. Our parents and gurus had raised us to think "large" in terms of human culture and value. Perhaps that's the only reason to our existence. If it's not the matter of "trust" by now anybody can comfortably say by now we can mingle with any shapes and size. After all I was taught we are all nothing at end and the circle of our birth is rather our "home with one big family with children's of all shades of colors." Within that 50 years, our parents had disciplined themselves so well that most of them even got ride/ over come with their polygamy marriage and we never needed any superstar to desperately show cast it on television to ban such a ancient costume that no longer fits in nor possible to survive in today's highly educated world. Our parents were also well disciplined that they no longer live with their siblings as they did back in dark age. After marriages, they all lived on their own, wherever, however they had liked, on their own feet. Neither we as a child were taught any differently. When our elder sisters get married, we are encouraged to give lots of space to her newly home and family. Yes! That's what being cultured people means in our dictionary. Neither we had any sali/biwi as sexual wedding package jokes nor our parents believed in stalking their married daughters and burning their daughter in law for "wealth." Neither our spiritual gurus had looked at "white" women as easy meat nor the "black and brown" as their slaves and shamelessly make them do things for them. In return, the fair games lies in how much the world has to offer us. Today, we can live everywhere in the world and still be able to enjoy and practice/ follow our own culture, faith and nobody stops us or questions our different identity. Then I wonder what made some of those Asian people from UK target young white women as "easy meat & fair game to sexually assault them." Are these people still too hypocrites or did they took chick flick films like American Pie, American Beauty, and White Chicks too seriously?????? I bet only they knows what was on their head before they got enrolled in jail! If this is the attitude of modern men, then god safe the world. As of us(Tibetans) we had came a long way & thankfully in ordered to be cultured & civilized citizen of this world,our circumstance and cultured parents has taught the fair game of what needs tobe stored and what needs to be recycle from very early age. Rest, sadly still seem to be living in a world of cave men. May someday they open up their eyes & minds to enjoy this beautiful mother nature. After all is there any difference between hell and jail? Perhaps not!

PS. Treat every women as how you like to be treated & well done lady Warsi!

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