Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How much is too much?

Abayyyyyyy since when your friends trouble became your own? Sorry about my language but there are certain things which really bothers me and it's annoying. Mostly, it's something that I would never ever dare to do. Seriously, I don't know where to start but I used to take pride in still being friends with the people that I had been friends since KG. And luckily I'm still friends with them and always stay in touch with them although I've met many great people on way and bonded excellent that we have became such a good friends. But the problem is every time when my friends get misguided or being fooled by others, I can't stand it. And it bothers me deeply that I start worrying about it as if it's my own issue. What the hell??? That's just too much. Also lately my best friend of 15 years decided to fall for an asshole who is also the reason to misguiding my very good and long term guy friend for years as well. Now how should I react to it? It's so disappointing to fall things in this way but does my agony towards my friends "lost" misleads myself to others or am I being too "nice" to my friends? I must say enough is enough, let them be. Apparently, I was giving myself too much tension for no obvious reason when I've nothing to worry about my own. Good bye to friends issue and "hello" to my happy world!
PS. Khamo kha "villain" bangayee! :(