Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bitter Truth

You're what you do. Nothing can change this truth. Perhaps that's where all my sarcasm came from. Yes! Being a professional nurse at hospital; patients can never hide who they truly are. The level of anybody's strength can only be testimonial when they're in pain as well. The fact of the matter is nurses deal with all shades of people 24/7 and there definitely is no space for "losers" in this profession. Day in and out our job is to judge and evaluate patient (people)both mentally and physically. And this is our business, mind you that as year passes we only get better with our judgement and skills. So to all those professionals who's job is to dig truth and do justice to innocent, or lead the world, guess what? You guys are nothing but big time cartons! :D And certainly, that wasn't the profession Yashodhara practiced as well. And if you don't know who she is,,,,even extra ROFLMAO to you all. Nobody becomes prince and princess by just walking, eating, and living life king size losers. On that note: Happy Drukpa-Tse-Shi week to all. It's the birth, death, and enlightened day of Siddhartha Gautama, The Lord Buddha. And Yashodhara his wife is the key person behind his journey who had predicted all his deed since beginning and showed him his path while dedicating all her life to those in need. Epic!

PS. Just watched SMJ episode on doctors that has immorally practiced and killed their patients; one thing for sure human greed and hunger for money and status has crossed all the boundaries. I pity all those "AT LARGE" types. Along with idiots who worship them. When will they learn without the existence of good heart nothing can be trusted or can be honored. Any well skilled profession or layman can commit crime any given second sweetheart! Again you're what you do so do it well! Read and cherish those well reputed people across the glob, interact, open your eyes, mouth, ears, and know the reality before you even judge or dishonor anybody because life: health and wellness is precious! Perhaps that's why in my heart there's "special" place for those doctors who live their life with strong philosophy and promotes self awareness every minute of their life instead of fooling around with patients organs and making money out of it. :-)

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