Monday, November 5, 2012


Yes! He has finally arrived! Of course after many failed attempts of my family members who tried hard to fix me up with their choice of my so called "aspiring groom." The prince charm did not came on white horse or neither did he rescued me from danger but he sure did came with an package of equally well balanced and satisfying background. Not only the reality of both our family members having a line of unbroken lineage of apsaras and devas but he actually fell in love with me the day he prank called me and I happened to almost put him to jail without knowing this was all set up by our family members. Although, all the formality and rituals of tea session over at my mommy dear's was over but I still have yet to feel that "I can't live without you" fever on him. Perhaps only time will grant me that one inch of joy and so far (personally) he is definitely not bad at all till then I guess I just have to settle with being highly pampered and loved by the man of my very own blue blood<3

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