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Hello Readers,
I don't know who you guys are since you guys never left any comments but I do at least know your location. Any way, today I'm here to talk about an art of dating. The things that I usually, in fact many times talk with my sister and cousin sisters, and laugh out laugh because we all get along so well. But today I have decided to write it in my blog and spill the beans (secrets) because I have observed many young girls are interest in this much needed social life. And most of time they seem to be very disappointed with the bitter facts that they learn of the other person (him/her) and I don't blame them. Personally, I have gone on traditional-date with only two different men in my life. Of these two, one happened to be the love of my life from whom I had mastered not just the rules and law of dating game but also an ABC of life. AND THANK GOD! I WENT ON DATE WITH HIM!!!! The second one, I met last year and was perhaps the best self learned experience. But the question lies in is dating important? If so, then does it matter who pays the bill? If so, then what are some of the pros and cons? Yes, it is important to date but nobody should ever get intimidate and let their life control by this badly over and underestimated term "dating" because at the end one should always keep in mind that the core purpose of date is just to have blast with an opposite sex.  And that joy (blast) could be anything; depending on your purpose "why Am I here"? When I was in High School many guys asked me out but I have always rejected them because all my guy friends were back in India and I have always doubt the intension/purpose of these boys who wants to take me out for date so I have decided to play it safe and rejected nicely. But in college things change, one must be abnormal not to have any interest in an opposite sex, specially in their prime time. This is physically and mentally acceptable! After my countless date with the love of my life; it took us THREE years to officially committed to each other & be able to hold each others hand for the first time and he had badly pampered me like a QUEEN.

But have I followed all the rules right?


Was I always perfect?


And did that made him love me less?


Did that gave him right to mistreat me?

Bottom line: Being a gentlemen and lady lies in our gene NOT our financial status and nothing can change that but sadly not everybody can be same and that's the beauty of "dating." We go on date with opposite sex just to eliminate our curiosity and gain some bonding. It is our birth right to learn how to dine and speak with an opposite sex and its (FUN) specially, when we actually "like" the person. Simply, this is what the purpose of "DATE" should be; unless you are a slut and only date rich men to hit his JACKPOT!
Personally, I had never gone on date with someone where I end up not liking the person or had any experience with myself having to pay for the bill. HAHAHAHA Specially, when I had only gone on  date with two different men in my lifetime. Somehow, I always have this strong instinct where I can naturally differentiate an asshole and gentlemen when being asked out at first place. Although that puts great restriction to my dating opportunities. :D But, in a group of people I did observed this awful and turn off behavior where men run away from bills and its pretty disgusting. I don't think I can ever live happily with a man who will refused to show off his self worth! On the other hand, the love of my life had revealed to me that he would respect the women better if they at least (try) to pay for their own meal and drinks and definitely sets better impression (just an opinion). Which completely make sense; after all that's what our parents taught us as well. And luckily both my date had been well worth it. My men were honest and gentlemen although in different situation and financial circumstance. Yet, both holds strong dignity, pride, and loved me without any doubt!

My mother had tried many times to hook me up with these "oh he is such a nice boy types" but I had happily kicked hard on their ass and refused to even have a cup of tea with them. Perhaps, for that I had earned a tittle of "rage daughter" in my mom's eyes but one thing for sure I'm glad I've managed to save myself from having a dull and style-less/boring life. Last year, my mother tried to hook me up with this very wealthy men not because his fortune but because of his capability but with couple phone calls I had learned his selfish purpose and never gave him chance to have a cup of tea or dream of me as his future servant. Which later lead him to phone stalk me and I had happily refused to pick up! Someone said it right, respect and listen to your parents but never let them rule your life. I have learned this lesson three years ago when I was in my early 20s and was an inch away from being officially married. The only thing that was left was to legalize our wedlock to the court. The man that I have known since my childhood and the man everybody loves. My friends, my family, my mother to be specific except for my aunt with whom I get along super well. Although, as an adult I have only met him not more than two weeks in my lifetime, that too without a single date. I have no option to judge his adult behaviors and habit, all thanks to my family members who believed in no decent women should remain single after 25. But thankfully, I was brave enough to save myself from becoming another satyamev jayate victim. As time passed, although not on fancy date or couple cocktails but I have learned my would be husband has very little interest in the teachings of dharma and macho interest in expensive things and definitely doesn't believe in KARMA or REBIRTH. Although he is from India yet he only wears clothes from ZARA, the store I have never once shopped in my lifetime. There's this truth about Americans that no matter what every young and sophisticate American boys can't live without A. Sports,  B. Roman Pantheon and C. Warner Bros. films; which sounds pretty normal and fun grown up to me and I'm sure it applies same to anybody from India as well, in their own version of sports, ancient mythological fantasy or every other Yash Chopra romantic films. But sadly, I had failed to see any of these interest in my would be hubby apart from updating every new Apple Iphone, clothes from ZARA with zero accomplishment. I have learned all that over the phone just within a couple of months and sadly I had no choice but to call it off; at that point I would not be surprise if someday he make me pay for the bills if we ever go on date.  It was like I go to bed dreaming of romancing with him but I always wake up to an ugly reality instead and gets to be extremely turn off every day. Honestly speaking, although I have only gone on two traditional dates, (without including all those online-fake-time pass-romeo) but I must say I have owed a lot to my phone, hahaha the phone that has successfully revealed the worst of my aspiring future husbands. These are some of the advantages you gain from an art of dating if you know where you stand and have full confident in yourself no matter what. Sadly, many women are mislead by the term "date" and often, they go on date just find their Mr. Right. Perhaps that's when the confusion of "who should pay for check and all that issues might rise." Because sadly, they are: A. Too naive, B. Badly brainwashed by their ambitious friends, or C. Didn't had great time. This applies same to both male and female.

I happened to be on those two dates because A. I met both of them at the party, B. They both equally liked me as well, C. I had great time with both of them,  D. We had rocking chemistry, E. I dated them in a gap of complete different period, F. My mother was anti-cross culture, G. We didn't owe each other anything, H. I still have my self respect, I. Life goes on!!!!!!!!

Happiness can't be measured by money or checks; but it can be measured by the moment we breath in. I know many girlfriends who only go out in the hope to meet men just for his fortune and many a times they are awesome actors/gamblers; when the reality hits them their relationship always goes in drain with bundle of children from different men so watch out to all the decent boys and girls. Never be brainwashed by losers.

PS. People need to stop harassing the "TheRealMadrasan" because she rocks and I'm so happy that she goes out on date and living it up! If only I could have gone to many dates perhaps I would had never made that one mistake of tying the knot with that one guy with whom I had never gone out. :-)


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