Saturday, August 25, 2012

An Internet Accident With FastAndFurious Ignorants

Picture: World most beautiful and oldest prostitute of Vishali; Amrapali offering mangos to Lord Buddha while delegating him an invitation to her resident for a Dharma teaching and became the first ever nun in history of Buddha Dharma<3

It has been more than a decade since the first time I watched this film called "THE FASSSSST&FURIOUS." I think I was around 14 years old and loved it. The movie endorsees a young, vibrant, and reckless youths who knows nothing about the outside world besides car racing with their school and gang mates. During those years, car race on highway was very common with my Tibetan friends, that too with extremely expensive hot wheels like Escalades, Infinite, Lincoln, BMWs, and etc as well. I even managed to watch all the other parts of this film as well. And just last week I discovered that Vin Diesel is going to release its franchise back again. The man that almost every single girl my age went mad crazy over him while growing up; so why not come up with a new avatar and make millions and millions out of it again and again. Since we live in an age where everything sales. From naked models to poor writers; everything is sold out. And by now this should be clear cut and NO! They don't do it the old fashion ways by (exchanging bag full of cashes) anymore; must say that's rather too innocent to picture. Seriously, nobody does things that way anymore. I mean people have become extremely smart, confident, mature, and professional that they can hundred percent guarantee "AESTHETIC" in any nasty jobs. Even better and sexier than what the silicon valley promises and the reward too comes in holiday  packages along with the monthly salary. And if the "catch" comes with some sense of humor even better to get away from all the guilt trip as well. I must say this practice is pretty healthy and should be something that mentally needs to be legalize; the sooner the better. Just as how legalizing prostitution in the nation can eliminate the risk of innocence in danger. The only difference is something that's "NOT VISIBLE" which lies in our taste and blood that we prefer and tend to like it. I mean I love all these franchise films like Fast And Furious, 007, Mission Impossible, Bourn Legacy, Twilight, Harry Potter, Star War, etc and they make humongous money out of it as well. But of course we can't compare this level of interest with wanting to sleep with an "prostitute or be the victim and suck banana professionally and passionately in the world of Sunny Leone institute or any other news room/ agents" although they all leads to money making business. I guess to each has their own right and freedom of expression. I mean what would a bagger know about a life of a Goutama Buddha??????? NOTHING/COMPLETE CLUELESS! Or else, he won't be bagger at first place, no? So, some things happened for a reason and it will take many lifetime for them to understand or even realize its essence of truth. To a thief, it will be a fool to trust even a single person in this world. So the best is let them be in their own lowly and lonely position; be it a sold out product or the curiosity in mars. Every one has right to the freedom of expression! We can't change our taste or auto-visible our state of awareness and knowledge to the less fortunate just like that because that too has a price tag on it. And if you're too poor to buy a meal for your spiritual teacher/guru than sorry that's not my problem! All I can say is you should think long and hard before you attend one of those expensive Metallica concert or while buying a single ticket of Fast And Furious because ignorant is a mother of an asshole and baggers. So choice is yours~ and choose your path wisely~


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