Monday, July 2, 2012

Welcome to the world of dog eating dog,,,,,,

Have you ever wondered why people look down on film industry? Have you ever wondered why 90% of journalist have messed up life? Is extramarital and alcohol bonus ticket to journalist "OUTSTANDING" qualification? We all know that anything that sales can always have fiction version to it, be it the "STORY" of journalist daily bread and butter.  Have you ever wonder why most journalist are extremely insensitive? Have you ever wondered why people from filmy world and journalism are screwed up?  Well, it's the greed for EASY money and fame that has badly screwed up their life and end up becoming a victim of drugs and alcohol. Just like how a teenagers gets stuck in a tiny box of their imaginary world, where everything is about fantasy, nothing "REAL" exist.  And they will go to any extend to fulfill their pleasure. Well, watch this episode of #SMJ and you will get all your answer. Personally, I think nothing is more exploit, dangerous, and vulgar then the field of politics, journalism, and film industry. Good luck to all those strugglers, cartons, and alcoholist. May you all keep the circus going in this world!

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