Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Night Out With State Level Badminton Champion: Captain Yangkyi,,,,,,,


Back in (Mussoorie) India, there's a "thing" for any girl with the name (Yangkyi). Every body believed either all the yangkyissssssssssssss are cute or all the yangkyisssssss are "bandar" not because how they look but just a tradition that has been passed on by our seniors. It's like a myth!!!! And every other Yangkyi doesn't get offend with their nick name as well since they knew that it's just a trend. hahahaha Well, with this Yangkyi that I went out with last night; I knew her since boarding school days in Mussoorie. Although, she is 6 years senior to me yet, fate has always brought us together and without any doubt we had always enjoyed each others company. Yangkyi and I were in different High School when we were in US but fortunately our school sports competition has always brought us together. She was captain of her school badminton team and was in her final year when I was freshman in High School. We had played countless state level games within that one year. We had even performed many stage shows as well, countless I must say. In those days, I get to know her in and out. There were times when she realizes that she had forgotten her jewelry at home before our stage show and I used to take off my own extra gold ear rings and necklace and blindly put it on her. That's how "nice" she is that I absolutely have no problem sharing anything materialistic with her. In fact, we had shared countless make up, clothes, traveled together, and had special moments together while growing up. She was the High School sweetheart and daughter in law of my neighbor who's our distant relative so she was always around my hood while I was growing up. Surprisingly, in my first year in college, she was the first one who came to know about the love of my life. At the age of 17, as I was on romantic date with my beloved ex; she and her hubby dear walked in to the same restaurant I was at and caught me dinning with a very handsome 19 year old boy. And that was my first ever date in my life time.  I still remember feeling extremely uncomfortable, embarrassed, and awkward spotting them at the same restaurant. It was a strange moment because not so long ago when first time I met the love of my life at the party; her husband was the one who took me and my friends to that party for the first time in my life and he did his bodyguard duty very well just so he can bring me back to my mom in one piece. when I met the love of my life there, right away (her husband) warned him to stay away from me. As they walked in and passed by our table, I got so scared thinking poor boy will get one punch for sure but thankfully nothing like that happened and I saw Yangkyi smiling at us from behind. I must say Yangkyi had always carried such a warm vibe with her that nothing can go wrong in her presence. Since then I grew up, finished college and ditched most of my hobbies while in search of accomplishment. I had stopped doing everything that I used to do as a teenager. She left home and moved to New York as well. But today when she is back home for vacation; I had found myself doing exactly what my mother used to do.I went to grocery store picked up some juice, milk, meat, eggs, chips, chocolates, fruits, and drove over to her house just to welcome here back to home sweet home. These are the things I had seen my mother and her friends doing whenever they go on vacation and come back home. And I didn't realized the imitation of my mother in my life till I reached grocery store. While picking up those milks and eggs I felt so "adult" and thought "OMG that's so my mother, not me." HA HA lol. Any ways, may be it's the joy of going over to see good old friend, either way it sure was a good feeling. Because of her positive company this year HH Dalai Lama picnic was fun as well. And yesterday, I had decided to take her out to one of my favorite restaurant GOOD EARTH before she takes off to vacation in India with her entire family. To celebrate our reunion, I had even had a glass of red win. Yes, alcohol in my sacred system. lol We had blast and I'm glad no matter everything that has had happened in her life yet she is still the same Yangkyi that I know for many years! So more power and cheers to her!!!!!!!!!

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