Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Twitter or Big Boss house choice is yours!!!

Mahatma Gandhi's three wise monkeys!
The tittle of this blog reminds me of the bygone teenage days in High School when one of my senior girl used to show off her so call part time modeling skills to us (tiny tinny) girls. By going: "J. Crew or Banana Republic; choice is yours." Despite the fact that she can be such a bad influence to us or any young girls. I personally, never liked, admired, or was friendly with her. But still, (life goes on as the mantra of my life), I've manage to neglect her bad and negative energy! But after nine long years who would had thought that someday I will be overwhelmed by this same sort of negative enthusiasm. Yeap! ~Welcome to the world of Twitter and Big Boss House~
I started this twitter business because my impression was it's a great platform to exchange each other's ideas, opinions and in return I'll gain some newfound wisdom and gossip at the same time. I keep on following random celebrities, news channels, mega stars, politicians, boy/girl next door, family, & friends all on my timeline just to read what they had to say without knowing someday that temptation will lead me in "too much information" (TMI Phase). And decided to iQUIT from that space, just the way Raageshwari did to Big Boss House,and Shashi Tharoor from politics (congress party) not that we're too good to be true but I've learned both space has one thing in common; "the word & mind game." It doesn't matter what is consider appropriate, rude, or wise as long as you can scream as loud as you could, you get the TRP! Just then, my choice is rather to follow the three wise monkey's proverb. 
I see no evil, I speak no evil, and I hear no evil! 

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