Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fairy tale Versus Reality Show!

Life from fairy tale Balika Vadhu home to reality show Big Boss house!

Every day we learn something new. And no! Not the ones that we learn from our parents or at home but the ones that we learn from our own observation, experience, and action. Loving it and I'm in debt to those who I've come across day in and out and opened my eyes. Priceless! Meanwhile, I've no shame to admit that yes I did came from one of those (Balika Vadhu homes) where we blindly follow those rules that has been set by our elders. In other words, in our own small world nothing matters besides providing the best meals to our family members; being locked up in our own home and still manage to get everything that we had ever wanted or fantasied and completely be happy. Often, in worst case I feel like I took it for granted; arrange marriage affair at the age of 15 meaning I've no choice to freely fall in love with someone as much as I had like to (not even with my own people). Fortunately, I took all that very seriously even thought I did broke some rules and made some errors here and there. If not for those mistakes, would I ever get to know the real shades of people? Would I ever get to live life in my own term? Will I ever get to age and die with the person/companion that I had wish to? Or at least be able to make love and sleep peacefully with him if not to die with. Yes, I wondered????? If not for this journey from fairy tale home to real world house (where we learn everything from other people's view), can I possibly be able to balance this positive and negative energy within me? I don't think so! Therefor, life goes on and learn as we will live forever and live as we will die tomorrow! Cheers & Happy 26th Birthday to me!

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